Friday’s Finds … {ruche + cool patterns}

I’ve had suuuch a busy day already today, seems like every hour is a blink! Blink … waaa … where did the time go? Things got a lil crazy when I couldn’t print to our office printer so I had to keep bouncing (bouncy bouncy %&@ bouncy) to our other computers to print, which is plan B till tech gets here. What do you think of today’s Friday’s Finds? The picks make me want to go outside and have some refreshing lemonade ice tea = and purely relax. Which I def need today .. haha! How are you today? And, r u in love with Ruche store as much as I am?

Have a wonderful weekend! Ooooh, don’t forget to enter to win my KISS ME decal. {note: links below will either go straight to the item or the main website where you can type in the description to find the item}

1. Green Gradient Stemware - $7
2. Abstract Floral Decor Pillow - $15
3. Mint Opaque Glass Lamp - $50
4. Kerala Cow Chair - $198
5. Prata Yellow Vase - $13
6. Amilia Side Table - $130
7. Green Crystal Cushion Ring - $85
8. Floral Paper Dinnerware - $3
9. Pinecone Hill Fabric - $28
10. Yellow Canary Print Slipper Chair - $240

*Model’s attire: Shop Ruche

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