Friday’s Finds . . . { Pretty in Purple + Pink }

Happy (woohooo) Friday! What do you think of today’s finds? My design assistant Evelisa helped create this one (she did a GREAT job!!!). My fave item is the Flower Pillow. What’s your fave this week?

{note: links below will either go straight to the item or the main website where you can type in the description to find the item}

1. Kendra Scott ‘Nyla’ Teardrop Floral Earrings - $78
2. Chivari Pendant Lamp - $148
3. Arc Stemware - $3.95
4. Jet-Set Black Flower Vase - $3.50
5. Pink Felt Flower Decorative Pillow - $17
6. Ivory Door Knob Hook - 14.95
7. Purple Bijoux Floor Lamp - $120
8. Liora Manne Spello Rug - Poem - $49
9. Refresh Watering Can - $18
10. Dant Accent Chair - $429

*Model’s attire: Banana Republic

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4 Responses to Friday’s Finds . . . { Pretty in Purple + Pink }

  1. anonomyous says:

    My favorite item in this Friday Finds is the pillow. I love how it looks like a Locus flower is growing right out of the pillow. But I also like the earrings they are simple but they have a special flare to them.

  2. anonomyous says:

    I meant Lotus Flower, I totally mispelled that :) TGIF everyone.

  3. I’m loving the pillow as well. Mostly because of the look. I’m going to attempt to make one out of felt. We’ll see how it turns out. Thanks for the great visuals on a dreary Friday.

    • Ada says:

      Hi Lisa! U r goign to make a similar pillow .. WOW, thanks wonderful. I hope to see photos of it. I am sure it’s going to be beautiful!

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