Friday’s Finds … { Wool cape, birdie cuteness, + more}

Happy Viernes <- that’s Friday in Spanish! I loooove today’s blue Floor Lamp shade. How about you? What’s your fave item today?

I love creative doormats, like the Crossword puzzle one above. I have been meaning to DIY the one I have at home …. hmmm, maybe when the weather gets warmer so it doesn’t get roughed up with our snowboots. Whatcha think of the bird wall hook below?

{note: links below will either go straight to the item or the main website where you can type in the description to find the item}

1. Floor Lamp - $63
2. Wall Clock - $50
3. Bird Wall Hook - $14
4. Bird Candle - $6
5. Green Bag - $58
6. Pillow Cover - $39
7. Green Mug - $8
8. Black Storage Bench - $169
9. Crossword Doormat - $28

*Model’s attire: American Apparel Wool Cape

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4 Responses to Friday’s Finds … { Wool cape, birdie cuteness, + more}

  1. Janet says:

    In today’s collage I like several things like the clock and the wall hook with the cute bird. The floor lamp with the blue shade is very soothing. The doormat is very cool too.

  2. I love the floor lamp and just checked it out at Target. It got so so reviews, but I may take a chance since the price is right.

    • Ada says:

      Glad u love the lamp .. let me know how it turns out. Target has a smooth return policy that I am sure if by any chance u want to return the beautiful lamp that u can. HAPPY decorating!

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