Friday’s Finds … { Spring-spiration in Color }

Fun Spring Colors Happy warm day … it’s warm in New York (finally yeah!!)! How’s the weather where you live today? I was a bit bummed today …  I had to scheduled 2 client meetings and felt AWFUL about it. Throughout my career (I had only re-scheduled once) - I am such a stickler for keeping appointments, but it was a health matter … and hey, we can’t help others unless we are healthy ourselves. So by next week I will feel better and back to inspiring my clients with decorating ideas + implementations of designs! What do you think of today’s Friday’s Finds? …. it reminds me a bit of a valentine’s day collage, but hey shouldn’t EVERY day be full of LOVE and happiness! Have a happy day!!!

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One Response to Friday’s Finds … { Spring-spiration in Color }

  1. Rose says:

    Love the new set up! And ohh I’m so fan of that ‘deep dive’ paint color - so pretty

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