Friday’s Finds … { Let it snow decorative accents }

Happy Friday wooohoooo! And more ‘woohooo’ news for me, is that we launched our online store hellooohome adding our FIRST item for sale so exciting!!!). If you have been a follower of our Friday’s Finds for a while, you will see that we LOVE pillows, and now we are handmaking pillows with pockets (another woohhhooo)!

Has it started snowing where you live? We received a ‘little tease of snow’ over here but not much so I am READY for SNOW!!! My fave in today’s finds in the owl (reminds me of pure white snow) and the green pillow with the snowflakes (yeees, I have mega snow on my mind). Is it just me, or does it NOT feel like this is the last week of January, next Friday we will be in February (have you done your v-day shopping?). Hmmmm, maybe you want to buy one of our ‘pocket of love’ pillow covers from our new shop!!! We are planning on adding 3 more designs + colors soon! Well, now I have to zoom out of here to get my cup of coffee before my next onsite ideas consultation today. Have a beautiful day!!!

{note: links below will either go straight to the item or the main website where you can type in the description to find the item}

1. Mosaic LED Candles - $10
2. Manzanita Branches - $9
3. Snowflake Pillow - $20
4. Dream Wall Decor - $8
5. Owl Lamp - $99
6. ‘Book’ Decorative Boxes - $44
7. Red Pillow - $20
8. Mirror Side Table - $199
9. Landon Armchair - $999
10. Chocolaterie Boxes - $109
11. Storage Shelf - $245

*Model’s attire: Steve Madden Coat

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