Friday’s Finds … { banana republic inspired decor }

Yep, today’s inspiration is from Banana Republic clothing line - who says light blues can’t be manly? Not me!!!!

My fav item in today’s collage is the Dropp! Fruit Bowl Menu or as I like calling it the SPLAT bowl bec it looks to me like it would make that sound if it was animated. Hmmm, imagine a bowl that would throw a fruit back at you if it was too filled (yes, I have quite an imagination). Today I will be at a client’s apt with my contractors - unpacking furniture/accessories, furniture assembly, art guide, attaching paper butterflies, etc. Plus, I will be installing 110″ tall treessss decals in their foyer. More than 1 tree means that  .. it will be a work-out so not feeling guilty that I didn’t go to the gym this am - haha. Oh, the trees will be coat racks when we attach hooks to the branches. Have a GREAT day! {note: links below will either go straight to the item or the main website where you can type in the description to find the item}

1. Dropp! Fruit Bowl Menu - $70
2. Aqua Pillar Candles - $4
3. Agave pendant lamp - $88
4. Cow Tray - $116 -
5. Aqua Glass Table Lamp - $230
6. Red Lounge Chair - $229
7. Burnt orange tray table - $50
8. Cloud Coffee Table - $299
9. Robot - $20

*Model’s attire: Banana Republic

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One Response to Friday’s Finds … { banana republic inspired decor }

  1. Colleen Busch says:

    I love the cow tray!!! Thank you.

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