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Happy Friday (woot woot!). It’s snowing in New York – we are expecting a blizzard; which I am excited for bec I am aiming to make some snow-penguins (if they come out good, I will post them in our Monday’s Make-it DIY column). Today is the follow-up from my Wednesday’s design notes for a master bedroom design where my clients showed me a photo of Greece as their “this is how we want to feel when we walk into the bedroom”  = a calm, vibrant get-away. I knew exactly what needed to be included in the design ….. PAINT AN ACCENT WALL a gorgeous BLUE! What do you think of the color? If you Google the words “Greece Photos” you will see the gorgeous blue pop up in almost every photo (ie: like in building roofs). I also used artwork items that the clients already had (and LOVE) as inspiration – such as the drawing of the woman (placed above the headboard) and the art piece on the window sill below …. do you like how I styled the window sill shelf (with books + flowers)? …

On Wed I gave you a peek at their super sleeeeeek closet system, here’s the other side of the room w/my design notes …

Another key element was to incorporate WHITE walls in the room to maintain the serene balance within the VIBRANT colors of the blue and orange.

And just like we amp’d the closet system into a designated storage haven, I also proposed a new bed with DRAWERS (p.s. drawers aren’t just to store linens, blankets, or seasonal items … they are a great home for shoes too!!!)

I design around my client’s budget which means that it is my job to incorporate a balance within the room (not use the budget on just decorating one side of the room, but throughout the room – check out my furniture placement layout here if you haven’t seen it yet). It is also my job to also find creative ways to save money …. my clients wanted to keep a file cabinet =  we turned it into a nightstand (yep, that white table next to the bed is a file cabinet).

Quick peek at a BEFORE and AFTER photo of the room …

I love how we were able to incorporate my client’s keyboard in the design (it was a last minute change of the design).

So, what do you think of the design? Have you visited Greece? My clients hadn’t, which made this design even more special bec I was able to (kinda) bring Greece to them = seeing my clients smile makes me a very happy travel agent (wink)! See you on Monday, have a GREAT weekend!

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10 Responses to Friday | Greek inspired bedroom design

  1. Lisa says:

    Wow. There’s not really too much furniture in the room, but the pops of color really make it more luxe. Did you paint the white walls a whiter shade or just leave the color they had?

    • Ada says:

      The room has the essentials for the lifestyle of my clients = no need for more furniture. When decorating apartment, I secretly wish I could snoop … um, visit the other apartment floors to see how they are decorated the same room. There are loooooots of different shades of WHITE paint, we choose one that makes the room look bright + similar to the building exterior in some Greece towns. If a room that has white walls looks GREAT, leave as is to save them money (and simply add an accent wall).

  2. that is such an amazing transformation. i love how balanced it is even with such bold colors it still feels very calm. love it.

  3. Anu says:

    Amazing make-over! I like the bold colors used in the room – this makes everything sparkle!

  4. Michele says:

    That blue is amazing!

  5. white says:

    I agree with the previous posters, love the use of colors. I’ve always thought that all white with just a little really bold color like that orange and blue makes a room look amazing, so modern!

    • Ada says:

      Thanks! Many times beauty is in the simplicity, like just a few lil sprinkle of color (or splash, as in the blue painted wall) for the WOW effect.

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