Friday’s Finds … { Color Block Dress | Red Chair + More }

Hmmm, what is my fave item in today’s collage? As a proud momma of the new etsy store called hellooohome, I have to say it’s the PILLOW COVER featured in the collage created + sold by us!!!!!!


What’s your fave item in today’s collage? Don’t worry, I won’t cry of you don’t choose our pillow cover! Ok, ooookkkay, ‘besides’ the pillow cover, I loooooove the blue damask wallpaper! If I didn’t already have wallpaper in my office or at home I would sooo be buying these right now! Hmm, maybe I will keep it in my file for a new client. Well, I am off to work! Have a beautiful day!!!!! Happy almost weekend!

{note: links below will either go straight to the item or the main website where you can type in the description to find the item}

1. ‘Pocket of Love’ Pillow Cover – $22
2. Petite Damask Wallpaper – $72
3. Wall Magazine Rack – $89
4. Cylinder Table Lamp – $270
5. Scoop Bowl – $38
6. Baxter Accent Table – $199
7. Assorted Turquoise Vases – $295
8. Eros Chair – $485

*Model’s attire: Bloomingdales Color Block Dress

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3 Responses to Friday’s Finds … { Color Block Dress | Red Chair + More }

  1. Amanda says:

    This is a pretty collage. I like all the items in this collage. But I really like the chair it goes well with the pillow.

  2. Nina says:

    Happy Friday Ada! I have to agree with Amanda that the pillow and the chair go well together. Also like the vases, like clusters of vases in similar colors/styles…

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