Foyer design: Triangle Stencil + Magnetized Wall

Hi! Are you ready to come along with me to an installation? Yep, it’s that time again …. time to take you onsite with me to one of my interior design projects. Here’s a peek at some of the design steps that we’re implementing in a foyer - for my cool clients Stephanie and Bill.

The design for this apt included stenciling (more economical than wallpapering) 2 walls, and did you see the dark gray wall? …. it’s all magnetized paint! Yep, we (clients and our team here) are cool like that .. adding the unexpected! Here’s a closer look at the stencil:

This was actually STEP 1 in the stencil process. In STEP 2 we are going add some “sprinkles” (no, not the eating kind) of colors within a few of the triangles … adding pops of yellow and red paint. Stay tuned for that reveal! Aren’t these button hooks adorable?:

I’m so glad that my clients loved the button hooks.

Let’s reeeeeewind for a quick second. Before any installation starts, I work on the floor plan for the design with detailed measurements (which is a tad bit ‘OMG IMPORTANT’ to make sure suggested furniture fits). Here’s a peek at this project floor plan:..

The design includes foyer/hallway, dining room space, play area, and living room. In the dining room we are placing 2 large gorgeous photo canvases ….. note: always ALWAYS, seriously, ALWAYS get a proof before you approve a  placement. I had to go back a few times to make sure the vendor printed the photo ‘perfectly’ .. at one time the photo was stretched too much that it cut details that we wanted to keep.

Wanna see what I carry in my bag for installations:

 …. I never leave without my measuring tape, painters tape, punchlist (the to-do-list), and a copy of my furniture placement. I usually do wear comfy flat shoes (since I am zooming expediting the install), but (lil secret) my high heels do tend to give me more ‘height’ for when I need to reach objects up height (without having to draw straws with the contractor as to who gets to use the ladder next).

Ok, back to the design … in the play area, I placed a cutie-pie decal on a bookshelf (more pics on that next time):

And here’s a peek at a map decal (white color) what I will be installing on the magnetic (dark gray) wall.

More pics to follow (eventually) .. as installations are a process (let paint dry, blah blah blah <- yes, I need coffee). Stay tuned tomorrow when I bring you along to another client’s installation - Isela’s guest room! In case you missed her gorgeous living room reveal, you can see it here. Hey, have you used stencils in your home? Have a beautiful day! See you tomorrow.

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4 Responses to Foyer design: Triangle Stencil + Magnetized Wall

  1. homestilo says:

    I’ve always wondered about magnetic paint. Can’t wait to see the rest of the images!

  2. ooooh, i love that ada! i love the magnetic paint and the stenciled walls. it looks so good it appears to be wallpaper. amazing. the color combo is fantastic too.

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