Friday’s Finds … { 7 Items to Welcome Autumn }

Are you ready to welcome Autumn into your home? Soon I will be re-decorating my home (and my closet!!!) switching from summer/spring to autumn/brrrness home accessories and wardrobe. Do you do the switch bi-yearly too?

I’ve gathered 7 items that you can easily incorporate in your home (or face = see item #2). Ready?

Change the decorative pillows in your living room, family room, bedrooms. We don’t want to hear the same things over and over again so if you have word-pillows then change the conversation {#1}, and bring in some autumn color tones (picture the changing color of leaves) into your home {#5}. This also means that I will be switching from my pretty-in-pink to darker-tone make-up {#2}.

Another easy way to visually welcome autumn into your home is to display different photos in your frames {3}, go through your albums and pick out pictures from last year to insert in the frames. It’s so much fun to reminisce (and make fun of people’s hair-do last year haha). Maybe you went apple or pumpkin picking last year … show off the photos!!! That reminds me, I have to look for my photos too (it’s on my to-do-list for this weekend)!

I looove the crisp fresh air felt in autumn season, and also the aroma of a freshly baked pumpkin pie … ummm, not that I bake so thank goodness pumpkin scented candles were invented (haha!). Add scented candles like this Morocco tea (#4}, or pumpkin scents; so your home can smell like autumn freshness.

A must in my household is changing our doormat {#6} to a different color + durable one that can withstand autumn/winter snow covered boots vs our summer/spring flip flops. (psst, I also change them for Halloween and Christmas!) Doormats leads us to entryways = which means = that it is time to hunt down where you stored your boot trays {7}.

Now, the question to you my friends is … when do you plan to Autumn-ize your home? Get your butt moving (mental note to myself too!), fall season starts tomorrow!!!!). Did you already start? Happy autumn, hugs!

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2 Responses to Friday’s Finds … { 7 Items to Welcome Autumn }

  1. Myra says:

    Yes, it’s time to do the season switcheroo.. I also tackled my closet this week. My favorite item from the collage above is the picture frame, very unique and perfect to switch out pictures according to the seasons as well :)

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