Friday | railroad tie coffee table + fireplace

I found it!! … the design presentation board I created for my (what I call) eco-cool interior design featured on Wednesday’s Wink post. The focus of the design was to incorporate eco-friendly furniture items (within the budget of course, that I was given).  That’s when this gal works her magic sourcing like cRaZy to find unique items. Like, the intertwined tree branch coat rack .. which is totally a SCULPTURE piece in itself (right?! who’s with me on this??).

Here’s the photo of the coffee table (made of railroad ties) that I showed my clients for their approval (they fell in luv with it as much as I did). Confession … “I” didn’t know what a ‘railroad tie’ was when I discovered the recycled table, so I before I presented the table I put on my detective hat on to investigate (soooo cool that we get to learn from EVERY new project)! and even found photos to show client a railroad tie before it get’s transformed into an awesome table ….

When I met the client there was ONE item that they had spotted (fell in LOVE with) and hoped I could incorporate it into the design, a (get ready for this!!!!) gorgeous-see-through-free standing  ……. turtle. Just kidding, a fireplace! I went to the store to see it in person (it was love at 1st sight for me as well), I got the variety of specs (to see which fit best) and incorporated into the design! See the rectangular drawing right over here showing the location of the fireplace ………

…. which would be viewed as soon as they walk into their home. Here’s a photo of see-through fireplace (GORGEOUS huh??!!!) on my presentation board … probably even more gorgeous if I didn’t take these pics using my camera phone (hehehe) …

Buuuut, in case you didn’t spot the fireplace in the photo-shoot of the living room design, it is bec we never incorporated it.  Say whaaa? As with all my clients, the design process (plus all my gazillion questions to make sure that I design for their “style + personality”) have them look deep down within their hearts to discover what was truly important to them. And as much as they still loved the cool, modern, sophisticated look of the fireplace, they were also expecting a baby. So, when it came to purchasing the fireplace, they decided to shift gears and instead accommodate more seating (for all the visits they would be receiving to see their new addition to the fam)!! …. so, cue in the round SWIVEL cool chairs that I found for them to replace the fireplace (check out pics here).

Oh, did I tell you that the design presentation that I had last week went AMAZING (these are the clients who have views of the Statue of Liberty)! I am  I am now at the “time-to-create-a-million-invoices-for-furniture stage of the design process. Then yesterday, I spent practically all day at the photo-shoot of one of my other completed projects (for the clients who have window views of the Empire State Building) = the pics came out A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Stay tune for the reveal (maybe in 2014, haha). Is it just me or didn’t February go by very quickly! I have even noticed that I am sporting more flat shoes (see pics above) in my daily wardrobe to keep up with the things I have to do (zoom zoooom). Today is def a jeans + flat shoes day + cute accessories (of course!). Well, off I go, have a beautiful day!!!

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4 Responses to Friday | railroad tie coffee table + fireplace

  1. Sara Strauss says:

    Wow, you are obviously fantastic at your job because there is so much detail! There’s the presentation board, all the questions you ask your clients, all the pictures, etc. You really get to know your clients and therefore get exactly what they want. Amazing!!

  2. Sarah says:

    I’ve always thought a see through fireplace is the coolest thing!

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