{check out the living room with wingback chairs}

I love the angle of the photo below - it’s like we are sitting on the chair admiring the room. Don’tcha agree? I take most of the photos which means I get a WORK OUT getting up on ladders, crouching down (getting my crouching tiger hidden dragon talents on), tippie toeing for extra height when needed .. and more. which means = it’s a work out (hmmm, why am I paying gym membership?). What do you think of the glass coffee table? The one the client had was way too DARK, HUGE, and BOXY (square) for their space … so I suggested this one which is airy and curved and va va voom elegantly classic. Here’s a peek at my furniture placement layout (see the coffee table?)

Here’s my design plan notes showing a peek at the coffee table:

The “crazy wall” (what my clients called it) looked a bit like a rock climbing site (WOW!). I gently referred it as the ‘textured’ wall, and knew we had to TAME it so it didn’t visually stand out sooooo much (painting [aka: camouflage] fell perfectly within their budget). Oh, did you spot the 3 hieroglyphics on the ‘textured’ wall? I circled where they are over here.

We relocated the sofa to where the TV was and in place of the sofa we added these 2 GORGEOUS chairs! Helloooooo gorgeous wingback chairs!

Below’s a peek at my design presentation board - I proposed 2 different chairs (the red one was within my clients budget and the wingback one was not, BUT it was so gorgeous that I knew it was my JOB to present it to them and leave the final decision to them (glad they chose it - yaaay!).  From the board, we changed the ottoman bec by the time we went to order it, it was no longer AVAILABLE (cue in cry!!!). Meant to be bec I found another gorgeous replacement (the round button tufted storage ottomans - close up pics shown here).

Ready for more photos? I love how the roman window shades go perfectly with the pendant lamp. Both sourced from different stores, actually even the ottoman was found at another different store … but don’t all 3 items look like they are custom fabric matched?!!! (yep, I am darn good at my job, woot woot). The red glass blown vases change colors depending on the amount of light shining through the window (gorg!).

Did you peek inside the black lamp shade (flower power!). Unexpected huh?! Oh, when the roman shades were installed they were placed TOO low - we wanted them up uup uuuup almost touching the ceiling to make it look even more grandiose PLUS we wanted to show off the beautiful window frames (not block any view). For my full service clients I do quality checks (QCs) visits to make sure the install is going smooth when I spotted that the roman shades were too low (eek - but no worries, it’s a simple fix = says the designer who isn’t the one taking it down and re-installing it, haha).

Closer view of the recycles glass blown red vases:

Do ya see how the white accents balances the dark (red) colors? .. white pillow, paint softness, drum side table, etc.  …. all placed (strategically my friends) to balance the room colors.

Look at their adorable faux GUARD doggie  guarding their new living room …

We also purchased decorative accents like the vintage camera/clock and the green pears. Don’tcha love how magical mirrors are? … they have the power to make a space feel/look larger (wooohoooo!).

So there you have it, the behind the scenes of the living room I designed for a fabulous couple who both work so hard - I feel blessed that I was able to help turn their house into their home so they can enjoy it’s comfort and beauty that are a representation of who they are (woohoooooo!).

I’m off to edit my monthly newsletter now (yup, as a biz owner I wear many hats .. though I try to keep the hats ‘pretty’ looking, haha). - I have noticed that last minute editing tends to give me anxiety attacks (like - deadline eeek! Thump! Faint! Recuperate!) … so I have to keep remembering to stay cool, calm, and collective and remember what truly is important + that these deadlines are placed + can be broken by the boss (me) - we are usually the toughest critics on ourselves, aren’t we?! If I don’t get to publish my e-newsletter this month it’s not the end of the world. I’ve been reading Gabrielle Bernstein’s new book, May Cause Miracles, and I have been loving the subtle changes that I have been witnessing. The book guides us with an every day affirmation that well …. works miracles my friends. Today’s lesson Witness and Be Willing to let go of the F word = fear! When I feel like I can’t meet a deadline, the F word kicks in, but it’s important to take a breather and remember that fear is not real, but something we project. Priceless, huh!

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4 Responses to {check out the living room with wingback chairs}

  1. What a wonderful transformation! I love the coffee table is it Isamu Noguchi? Have a lovely weekend!

    • Ada says:

      Thanks, glad u love it. The coffee table is Noguchi inspired. Remember, my specialty is creating interior designs that LOOK expensive without being expensive. So, without spilling the beans on pricing of the table (for client privacy), i will just say that I almost fell off my desk chair in disbelief when I spotted this great find/cost! For all those readers that are not familiar with Noguchi tables, their cost is approx $1,500 (did you almost faint too?).

  2. Lisa says:

    I luuuuuv what you’ve done to the rooms in this house. You’re so talented at finding all those little things that pull the room together. Your curtain idea is fab as well. I would love to hang out in that space and cuddle with my sweetie while watching TV. Keep showing all your notes and boards as well. It’s a learning experience for me. :)

    • Ada says:

      Hi Lisa, glad to hear that it is a learning experience for you yaaaaaah! I have tons of more of my designs to share (I just have to find time to SQUEEZE posting them).

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