Friday’s Followup {dining room glam design}

Okay here it is - the peek into the glam’d up dining room design. Installations days are fun + ultra-exhaaaaausting. I totally become a cheerleader to the contractors (when they do a great job bec I know they r even MORE exhausted than me) and I always sport flat shoes bec I know I will be moving around a lot. Oh, check out the Kraft paper that I am holding above - that’s what I used (1 roll purchased) as the photo frame placement guide (see prev post for more scoop on that) in the foyer (see pic below).

Now here’s how the dining room looked before we incorporated the design (we all agreed to keep the credenza, and I convinced the client to keep their current 4 chairs to save moolaaah).

Below’s another before photo with my design notes (oh, let me know if you like seeing the notes on the photos and I will continue to share the write-up notes). Wait until you see the GORGEOUS light fixture I found for this room. The chair molding throughout the room is actually weirdly shorter than a standard size, so I suggested that we DO NOT ACCENTUATE it’s weirdness, but camouflage it by painting the molding the same color as the wall. Ready to see the after photo of the dining room? 

Here it is - my design included an overall serene style with POPS of color. Don’tcha love how the curtains hug the room?

We added color in art, flowers, stool, pillow.

The GLAM touches are in 2 new tufted button chairs we purchased that have nailhead trims (they were on backorder like FOREVER, but it was worth the wait bec the color /style/ and price were ideal), wine glass holders, the silver crocodile tray, etc etc .. oh and the gorgeous mirror ….. which …

… arrived DAMAGED (eek!!!). I took this photo below and emailed it to my saled rep who send out a replacement at their cost (yaaay!).

The power of flowers - they energetically beautify a room.

This ceiling light fixture is Charles (my client’s) favorite item in the room - I remember when he saw it how his eyes lit up with happiness (I knew I found the PERFECT light fixture replacement for them!). Remember the old one? scroll up if you want to take another peek at the before photo. And, the beautiful orchid was picked out by Cathy (using a photo I gave them as a visual guide). We wanted the room to feel serene, but not boringzzz so it was important to add splashes of color like in the flowers and the orange tulip stool.

Since there was already 6 chairs in the dining room I didn’t want to add another one, so I mixed it up by incorporating the stool as the seating for their console (drop mail zone) area.

Details are key in a great design, so in my photoshoots I go in and wrap up the design incorporating flowers, adding the wine glasses to the shelves, fluff the pillows, etc (fun/exhausting etc).

Have you spotted MY favorite item in the room? The adorable baby horse with adult boots! It’s so darn cute!!! I totally wanted to hug the photo each time I saw it. Here I am staring it it’s cuteness again. I knew my clients would love it = the black/white photo color gives a air of sophistication but the content is total fun (just like my wonderful clients Cathy and Charles!).

Yep, that’s me again prepping away .. placing dishes, etc. to give my clients a visual guide of what they can do (I love inspiring them with the possibilities of what they can continue to do).

Final peek ….

Ok, maybe NOT final because I still have the living room to show you! So stay tuned - hopefully I will have it prepped for this coming Wednesday’s Wink column. Again, let me know if you are enjoying seeing the before and after photos … if yes, then I will keep prepping these peeks for you. They r time consuming to do, so if ya don’t like them let me know and I’ll post other things. Psst, for Monday’s Make-it column I am aiming to show you how we (hubby!) painted our bathroom tiles (btw: they were PINK … eek!).

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2 Responses to Friday’s Followup {dining room glam design}

  1. Michele says:

    I love the pops of orange! Especially the pillows on the dining chairs.

    • Ada says:

      hi michele, glad u like the pillows, I added them just a few seconds before the photoshoot started… perfect timing phew!

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