Friday | room sketch + furniture peek

Happy “almost” weekend! Today was a busy day with client meetings, one being a morning Design Presentation <- the day I show my clients the design I created for them (furniture placement drawing, photos of furniture/access, etc.) after I take measurements of their space (below is my room sketch with the measurements I took) …

After I take pics + dims of the room, I ask for approx 2 weeks to create a design for my clients. Then it’s SHOW and TELL fun time!!! Today’s design included a foyer, living room, dining room, and kitchen extension (more on that as the design progresses). I always get SO EXCITED for my show + tell day (seriously, giddy with excitement to show them all the furniture items I found for them). Wanna take a peek at the design? Peek ….

Stay tuned for more details (and behind the scene pics) as the design progresses! On my client’s wish list was having a sofabed in their living rm. I found a perfect L-shape one for them … I was SO excited when I spotted it bec it doesn’t look like a sofa bed (like magic, a bed emerges woohoooo!)! Yep, this decorator has lots of cool design tricks up her sleeve! Out of a gazillion fabric choices, I narrowed down three (with different prices ranges) that flow well with the OTHER items in the room, here’s a peek ….

Wanna guess which one is my fave? Take a peek at the design presentation board (above) to let me know which you like the best with the other items in the room.

After meeting with my clients, it was time to head back to the office (of course I HAD TO get my coffee). I luv catching metro-north train (instead of driving) bec it is MY TIME to catch up on reading magazines (a nice treat for a long busy day!).

Ooooh, how I enjoy my print magazines …. doesn’t this mag page sing HELLOOOO SPRING WEATHER!

Taking the NY subway train (when crowded) with my huge portfolio isn’t the easiest thing (a few “excuse meees” and genuine “I’m sooorry”) when my portfolio touches/hits someone when the train moves, PLUS it’s a lil heavy with my presentation boards and samples), but I still love it. I am a New Yorker who LOVES living in New York, and often see the best in people …

like then someone walks on the train and asks if it stops at X street and from ACROOOOSS the train someone YELLS the answer before anyone else (I looove when people help each other!). Or when an elderly gets on the train and immediately people get up to offer their seat (I looove it!). Have you seen how the shuttle subway train was decorated with a travel theme and when it was decorated as a home theme with a fireplace, sofas, lamp, pillows? What are your plans for this weekend? I’m planning on recuperation my sore muscles from the aerial (hammock) yoga I took on Tuesday and the capoeira martial arts dance class I took yesterday…. my muscles were SCREAMING at me this morning when I woke up, but worth it bec BOTH classes were fun! Have a fun weekend!!!

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10 Responses to Friday | room sketch + furniture peek

  1. noreen says:

    hey ada - happy weekend to you, too! your workout classes are interesting! glad you are taking time to recover. i have no idea which fabric you chose, but agree about the print magazine and spring weather. we have daffodils starting, but the ice yesterday probably set them back. got snow? joy, n

  2. homestilo says:

    How neat your plan drawing looks! And it sounds like you’ve been getting in some super interesting workouts too!

  3. samantha says:

    Oh these boards remind me of when I did my first level interior design course, I never got around to sharing them on my blog, but maybe I will now, I love creating mood boards.

    • Ada says:

      Funny seeing the boards u studied in school really used huh?!!! Clients loved the designs (yaaay!). Hope to see ur boards (professional or not) on ur blog - have FUN making them.

  4. this design looks like a fun one. i am going to guess number three, but i don’t know because i really love number two. & number one if they have any children : ) these photos make taking the train look like so much fun!

    • Ada says:

      It is (psst, we are even incorporating a MAGNETIC painted wall!!!). Yep, #2 was what I suggested + clients agreed (love!).

  5. Oh I loved your round-up Ada, and your description of the subway is so similar to our tubes (although I found the subways in New York MUCH more spacious than here). Kudos to you for doing the aerial hammock yoga, I have difficulty getting in and out of a hammock, let alone doing a full hour of exercise in one! Hope you enjoy the rest of your week!

    • Ada says:

      Thanks Meghan. Wow our subways are more spacious =-O I can imagine the squooshness during rush hour (yikes). Ive always loved hammocks and was surprised how much harder the workout was eeeeeaspecially the TRUST element (that hammick wobr snap) in the fly position. My fave position was the end (where we cocoon ourselves in hammock gently swinging, lights r dimmed, meditation music played …great finish to hard workout zzzzz).

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