Fridays Followup {curtains up/ OMG faux wood beams}

Today’s post is a follow up from this Wednesdays Wink’s post where I gave you a peek of the dining area I designed (yum coffee shop inspired!) for my client Bill. The pic below shows the entryway leading to the living room. To make it seem not so never-ending-looooong-hallway we added curtains (below is contractor Danny from my always helpful UC team)  installing the brackets for the curtain rods: 

To meet the client’s budget we choose (oh - by we, I mean I found the curtains, client loved them, and contractor installed = teamwork!) these solid color panels with a linen textured design (no frilly curtains for this masculine client); however I am not a fan (i despise) loop curtain / drapery panels bec they are usually difficult to move! So what to do w/these loops strands?

We could take them to the tailor to CHOP them off .. but that costs mulaaaa$h which would make these economical cool curtains no longer economical (urgh!)! So, my economical solution is (drum rooooll please) to simply flip the loop/hoop to the back like I did here:

Here’s how it looks on the rod - and now it’s soooooo much easier to move the curtains to the right or left (do ya feel a dance move coming on .. mv ur head to the right and left + to the beat of ur own music!!) And unless u have a very nosy guest that looks behidn curtains, the loops will not be noticeable. 

Ready to see it fully installed? Check out the pic below .. yep, installation is in FULL SWING! Did you notice the ceiling’s wood beams? Well, it’s not real wood? Say whaaaaaaa?


I brought into the project super star muralist, Anthony Valbiro to work his magic on the bland zzzz white ceiling beams. Before I presented the design to the client, I met up w/Anthony where he showed me 3 samples (see pic below) that he created from mixing his paint colors based on the sample color I had sent them. My eyes lit up when I saw it = it was PERFECT! And I knew the client would looooove it as well. Check out the pic of Anthony’s doggie (such a cutie-pie huh!!!!)

Anthony was able to take photos of his process so all the following pics are courtesy of Anthony (aka: rockstar!) … check out his crazy moves (turning/ bending all crazy ways to get to the DETAILS of the wood design):


This is a cRaZy detailed with layers of maaaaany steps …

Let’s take a peek at the sample he showed me on paper and the AMAZING after pic of the transformation. It’s OMG Amazing, right???? If you want to contact Anthony for projects, you can reach him here (simply let him know u know his work through me).

Now, ready for before and after photos? peekaboo…..  

And the after ….

The design I created for Bill included a balance of dark (masculine) wood tone colors + furniture items throughout the space with extra seating (we added a vintage fold-able wood bench) and food/serving area (we added a kitchen island cart w/stools since he loves prepping small dishes / hor derves) in his gorgeous new home. We added the mirror to ‘open up’ the wall so the space looks WIDER instead of longer, and the wine rack is next to the kitchen (easy access!). And check out how the curtain panels that I showed you earlier looks below.

Oh, and did I tell you how much I so wanted the foldable chairs for MYSELF? Many times I find item that r perfect for the client but sooo uniquely cool that I want it for myself too, but alas my clients are my priority as I want their homes to feel warm and cozily perfect for them. Here’s a view of the hor derves prep area:

The client’s current furniture placement actually worked GREAT especially since he wanted to keep his TV system where it currently was. We simply needed to update him to new cooler furniture items (new sofa, office desk, console, extra seating, dining chairs, lamps, window treatments, etc.) that made a visual impact that made his heart smile. Here’s the furniture placement layout I designed showing him how all the new furniture items would fit perfectly (in the room, plus in his budget!): 

Here’s another before pic and moooore after photos: …

I simply organized his huge tv/book system with book relocation, adding wood bins, and decorative accents (plant, vase, etc.). One things I asked him NOT TO DO … was to add stuff ON TOP of the system (see the before photo), but to keep all decorative items within the tv/book system for a neater sleeker cooler fresher design, whatchathink of how it looks now? ….  

Look how these eclectic pillow covers looks against the soft cool color of the new sofa:

The key to a GREAT design (in my view) are the BALANCED details in a room, I designed the space to include masculine dark colors that didn’t overpower the room.  Many times, rooms are visually heavy at the ground (making the space feel sqiiiished with no room to move), I changed that by bringing visual splashes of dark wood tones from the bottom to the middle to the top, see how:

1. kept wood floor (bottom visual eyeball level)
2. added vintage fold-able chair (low middle)
3. added wood pallets to the walls + wood blinds (high middle)
4. added faux wood treatment to the ceiling beam (top)

Then it was time to soften up the dark colors with art + accessories. Remember the art I first saw in the coffee shop? Isn’t it pretty similar in style to the poster art below? (which btw I got it framed in the dark thick wood frame to make it stand out even more). My client was a bachelor that wanted to travel more, so isn’t the framed art image of the man on the plane so dapperly de veneur?  = perfect for my client wooohoooo!

Oooh, its’ time for more peeks of the pallet wall-art project. Here I am ‘beautifying’ it … we added plant base (+ plant of course, gorgeous large fern) and sprinkled COLOR on the pallet with books and magazine. Now, u didn’t think I just placed the pallets on the wall within a purpose for them, right? They are intended to hold art, toooons of magazines that my client has + loves collecting, and books. I think this photo of me shows how much I LOVE what I do for a living (don’tcha agree?): 

Below is a side view of the pallet-wall.

Feel free to Pin away any of my pics. Wow, this post is long. Okay, stay tuned next week (Wednesday’s Wink column) for more photos of the living room (the overall, including the office space) so u can see more details of the transformation, Plus, I still have the bedroom design photos to show you. It’s my turn to cook today, so I am off to defrost some meat and try not to have our smoke alarm yell at me (again!). Happy ‘almost’ weekend, and thanks for stopping by and commenting (hugs!)!

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2 Responses to Fridays Followup {curtains up/ OMG faux wood beams}

  1. Nina says:

    All the wood tones are making this space feel so warm and cozy. I really love the faux wood beams. Can’t believe that they are painted, it must have taken a crazy amount of work to get them done.

    • Ada says:

      wood beams competed in 1 day (the living room and bedroom), it is cRaZy meticulous details, thank goodness for artists like Anthony that have the talent, patience, and passion to do this!

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