FF {curtains added to bedroom for coziness}

Happy thank goodness it’s here Friday! Okay, here it is, a follow-up peek into the bedroom I decorated for my client Bill. Last Wed, I showed you photos of the living room which leads into the bedroom, so today it’s time to take a closer look at the bedroom (before + after pics) and what new furniture items we added/replaced. The room is actually lighter/brighter than the photos show … I didn’t have my camera in the right setting = shame shaaame on me; and of course I didn’t notice until I got to my office – urgh. Oh well. Ok, ready? Have fun peeking into the room (no binoculars required!):

Adding a mix of looots of curtain panels (sheer + opaque)to the room gives a bedroom a cozy relaxed look/feeling to the space, so that was the FIRST thing I introduced into the design.

To maintain the flow from the living room to the bedroom, Anthony (my muralist rockstar!) faux painted the ceiling beams to look like wood:

There was a lot of ’empty’ space with no height. Here’s how the space looked before: 

Sometimes, a furniture item simply needs a new place to shine!!! We gave the client’s current white dresser a new happy spot, and livened it up even more by adding a medium size plant + one of my clients favorite art print. Most of the budget went into the living room (since it’s the main hang-out area), so I had to make sure that the few new items we introduced into this room made an impact (with functionality, style, scale, and of course – price = economical).  

Time to get rid of the old furniture items (bye bye!) and bring in the new ….. like an armoire:

I found one that fit the budget while looking oooh so stylish within the room (doesn’t it look spectacular with the hard wood floors and wood ceiling beams???)

Oh, I found the presentation boards to show you, below’s the photo of the armoire that I showed to my client (who fell in love with it immediately – yaaaaay, love at first sight).


To make the room feel/look a bit larger we painted the walls using 2 different colors (light creamy color + green), and with the budget I was still able to add a few accessories like the pretty motif patterned green pillow:

Below’s my football game plan ….. add looooots of curtains!

Oh, we ended up going with a rectangular rug instead of my suggested round one which client spotted at a store = sent me a photo =  I put his mind at ease that it would look good = he purchased it + now keeps his toes nice and warm when he gets out of the bed. As for the curtains, they were about 3 inches longer than we wanted it to be, and there was no room in the budget for tailoring the curtains, so what to do? PANIC?! Naaaaah! We simply tugged the 2″ loop to the curtain’s backside to raise the curtains … up up up … and now it simply kisses the floor instead of overflowing onto it.

Here’s how the other side of the room looked:

Headboard = a must in the design, and we got him dark wood side tables (with drawers that slowly shut = no pinched fingers!). I remember getting a panicky call from the client that the drawers were broken …. when I went onsite to check them out I saw that they simply were not installed correctly (it had a sliding mechanism that simply needed to be adjusted). I had the contractor go back to fix = happy client!


The Design Presentation Board peek is below. These boards always seems to take me muuuuuch longer to prepare than I want to! Simply cut printed furniture photos + adhere to the bored = simple right? … yeah, but time cooooonsuming! Though, very important for my client to see so they can get a clear visual of the design I have in mind:

I remember when I first met my client Bill for the consultation and he showed me the bedroom  … it was dark and dreary with curtains pulled (no sunshine coming in). I took a peek out the window and I saw how he had a great view (with a communal yard, seating + trees + grass, outside), but the curtains were closed. I knew THEN that I wanted to make sure that the design I created for him made him feel super proud to open the curtains and let the sun shine in! And happy he says he is (yaaay!).

On next week’s Monday’s Make-it, I am aiming to show you the remote control DIY caddy I installed hubby installed in our bedroom. Have a great weekend!!!

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4 Responses to FF {curtains added to bedroom for coziness}

  1. antonio says:

    I love the wood beam look.

  2. What a great transformation.
    You are right about the curtains. The beams are great!

    • Ada says:

      Hi Deb, its so great (I find it magical) seeing how a room can be quickly transformed with simple items like = curtains. Even better when it’s economical!! Have a fab day! Thanks for stopping by.

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