Fabulous Fridays eZine Peek: How Decorating is a WORKOUT (3 tips!)

How Decorating is a WORKOUT (3 tips to get you and your home in shape!) ~ For full length articles subscribe to our eZine at www.adasdecoratingsolutions.com

I always feel invigorated after a workout at the gym, many times the workout is sooo good that my legs and arms feel like Jello afterwards (hmm, is that bad or good!); however I don’t always have time to head to the gym. What is an interior decorator to do?

The answer is to work out during ‘decorating’! Yes, you can fit in transforming your home with decorating techniques and getting a workout at the same time. My muscles sure tell me so (oouuuiiii) every time I have a huge installation project for my clients. Here are 6 pretty darn good workouts (aka: decorating techniques) you can implement to slim your waist, thighs, arms, and gluteus maximus (your tushy!):

1. to shape up with pilate-esque stretches - apply decals designs to your wall(s). Wall decals are great to fill in a wall space without using any hammers, drills, or paint. They are light weight (since they are usually vinyl material), but since the designs that make an impact are usually large or designed to be placed near the ceiling (like a beautiful floral tree branch coming from the ceiling) they usually require you to streeeeeetch your arms (with the weight of your body) to flatten out the design on your wall. The result is a great yoga-pilate stretch and cool looking art on your wall.

(tip: get a VERY tall ladder to minimize the stretch)

2. to get a thinner waist - try spray painting! Pressing the spray tab isn’t much of a workout; the workout comes in the form of maneuvering around the object to be painted to make your beautiful color of choice reach every nook and cranny edge of the item, while stretching to the sides.

(tip: if the object to be transformed by paint is small, try to hang it up instead of laying it flat so you can relax your muscles for other workouts .. um, I mean .. other projects to do).

3. to flatten your tummy - try retrieving items you ordered to be delivered from it’s HUGE packages. With large packages; such as chairs that need to be assembled, they usually arrive in large packages where you have to basically dive into the cartons to retrieve your goods. Opening ginormous cartons is a piece of cake (when you have a trusty exacto knife), now taking the items out is another cake - like a yucky fruit cake than nobody wants to eat. But hey, you want to display your new furnishing right? So, diving you must go to remove the bubble wrap, the peanuts, the paper .. to finally display your new furniture item.

(tip: cut all the corners of your cartons carefully so to open the box like a peeled banana and you won’t have to bend into the box.)

So, no more feeling guilty that you are spending too much time decorating your home and not heading to the gym, or sitting in the couch after you finished decorating. Certain decorating techniques are a wonderful work out. Remember to STRETCH before you start any workout. Of course, sometimes we DON’T want to work out at all and hey that is OK, which is why above I also included tips of how to avoid a workout when decorating; such as, hitting the internet, instead of the treadmill. I hope you enjoyed all the tips, and that they brought you a smile. Have a beautiful day!

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