Fabulous Friday eZine Peek: 10 Quick Ways to Add Color to Your Rooms

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There is a quote from Albert Einstein that I love. Actually there are a lot of quotes I love from our buddy Al, but this one stands out because it involves taking action. The quote is as follows:

“Nothing changes until something moves”.

So so so true, a ‘something’ usually starts with your mindset. Having the mindset to listen to your heart and letting it guide you to the next step - in prospering your business, in living a wonderful happy life, in decorating your home to nourish happiness.

You have the power to make changes and it starts with making a decision (to do or not to do … yes, I am feeling very Shakespeare-ian today!) Perhaps your home feels small, cluttered, dull, uninspired.

What should you do? Answer is to move! … no, I don’t mean move out of your home, I mean move as in take action or make changes by incorporating certain design elements into your home that liven up your home and heart. Color in either sprinkles or HUGE splashes make a dramatic difference in the way we feel within a room, so here are 20 quick ways that you can ‘move’ color into your home.

1. Decals (add colorful wall decals, some decals are easy to remove and relocate to another area of your room when you want a different look in that room). Check out these designs below and a cool color chart from www.etsy.com/shop/ChuckEBrydWallArt:

2. Frames (buy or paint your current picture frames with a color you love; you can get a red, purple, white, or any color frame that your heart desires).

Read for more?

3. Toss pillows (perfect for pillow fights and for adding a sprinkle of color)

4. Cabinet door handles (you can easily replace old cabinet door handles with new ones for a sprinkle of fun, there are even kitchen cabinet door handles in the shape of spoons and forks - for the fun unique factor!)

5. Spices (you can mount clear canisters to your kitchen wall to hold your colorful spices while also spicing up your wall with color). Such as the canisters below from the Container Store … pssst, these containers are also great for home offices where you can add colorful paperclips, pushpins, buttons, etc.

6. Light switch covers (choose a colorful design that makes you smile every time you reach over and turn on/off your light switch OR if you have a standard white cover plate you can write a quote or draw a design with a color permanent marker).

7. Slipcover (add a fresh new color to your sofa, armchair, etc. with slipcova fitted slipcover)

8. Flowers (buy a colorful bouquet and separate the colors to coordinate with different rooms in your home).

9. Books (arrange the colors of the book ‘binders’ .. all blues together, all green together, all tan colors together to create a color flow within your bookshelf)

10. Paint: Painting your walls or perhaps just one accent wall (much quicker!) is a great way to make a dramatic difference in the feel of your room. But I bet you knew that, so the question is .. do you know it will, but you still hesitate to create a change in your home that will enhance your visual happiness? As our pal Al says … “Nothing changes until something moves’.

Maybe you know some of these ways to add color to your home, but remember until you ‘move’ you will feel the same. If you do want to feel different within your home sooner than later, then incorporate at least 3 ways to add color into your room from the list above. ‘Move’ to the beat of your heart! With love!

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