Using fabric paint on pillow case (easily!)

Have you used fabric paint before? Besides finger painting in kindergarten (and slathering it on my clothes/fabric) I probably haven’t painted on fabric before (that I could recall right now, I am low on my caffeine intake so I could be wrong). Anyhow, I decided to add a heart shaped design (in red) to my outdoor pillows so ….. I grabbed (purchased, not stole!) some red fabric paint and …. the guinea pig pillow… and I love how it turned out. Here are the steps:

(1) test the paint in a similar fabric (NOT on your ‘pig’), to make sure it def is the color you want to use. This test also confirms that you are using the correct brush size for your project ….

(2) Create (buy, print out) a stencil (or draw one all nilly willy, whatever you prefer) … I used regular copy paper ….

(3) use the stencil to mark (using pencil, erasers are our friends!) the outline guide for your paint ….

(4) then fill in with paint …… and done!

It took me about 5 minutes to paint each pillow! Yep, ONLY 5 minutes to transform a pillow, but let’s not forget the prep time …  creating the heart stencil, cutting the stencil, etc. etc. blah blah … then the drying time! Not calculating the drying time, I took me about 20 minutes. Easy breezy! I painted 2 coats and when it was almost dry I placed it outside …. only to find hubby’s fingerprint ‘testing’ it to see if it was dry! Hmm, next time I’ll add orange cones around the pillows!

The best part of outdoor pillows … you can use them indoors too (not vice versa). Do you have any painting projects that you are thinking of doing?

I’m also painting stripes in my hallway’s ceiling (yep, CEILING). I’ve had the painters tape on the ceiling for … ready for this? … more than a week now (eeek!). Just haven’t found time to do the actual PAINTING part of the projects when juggling projects for clients. But, it will get done! … umm, eventually. Stay tuned this Wednesday for another client project reveal! A foyer + hallway design …. for this one I created a seating area … a coat rack out of tree decals … a horizontal wall gallery using cool frames that open from the FRONT (yep, front! told you it was cool!) … and more. Well, gotto go now …. and get more office work done.

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2 Responses to Using fabric paint on pillow case (easily!)

  1. Gloria says:

    I’ve never thought to use fabric paint on pillows (duh) - love the heart pillow you made!

    • Ada says:

      Thanks Gloria. It has help up really well in the rain (as I tend to have forgotten to bring them inside these past downpours).

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