How I decorated my file holders (from blah to sooo pretty!)

I have been eye-ing my plain white magazine folders in my office for the past year and finally ‘decorated it’. I wanted to add something that had a ‘meaning‘ ….. that said ‘decorator’s file‘….. plus I didn’t want to spend money on buying any material for it. What’s a decorator to use? Aha ….. leftover fabric swatches!  I loooove the fluffy faux-fur blue fabric.


Into my fabric bin we dove (splish splash) … grabbing a variety of complementary colors and TEXTURES. Then using my scallop scissors, we (fab deign assistant Evelisa helped) cut the fabric into rectangular shapes:


For some fabrics (the thin ones) we used tape, for thicker ones we used glue: 

The reveal …. drum roooooooooll: 

Whatchathink of them? 

Evelisa, who I have trained to ‘think outside of the box’ presented me with a ‘non-fabric option’ = with a bamboo window shade sample ….. i loved it!!! So onward we went … glue … slap on …. decorate: 

Here’s how the fabric swatches and the bamboo shade sample look side by side (don’t they look sooo happy!):

I now LOVE the way the white magazine file folders (btw: $1.99 for a 5 pack at Ikea) look … sprinkle of prettiness and fun.Here’s another view of the bookcase in my office with the fantastic … fabulous …. um .. fab-tastic(??) new look:

At the top of the folders, we label the contents:

My bookcase is tall (almost reaching the ceiling) so a ladder was a MUST for my bookcase! Plus, I love how it gives it a 3D look to the design (just like the textured fabrics!):

Do you use magazine file holders? I have an 11am meeting with a client today so I need to wrap up several things before then in order to give them my 100% undivided attention. Off I go, have a spectacular day!

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5 Responses to How I decorated my file holders (from blah to sooo pretty!)

  1. Nina says:

    Very cute idea! Love that the fuzzy fabric looks like you cut up a Muppet 😉 Happy Monday Ada!

  2. homestilo says:

    What a fun way to keep things orderly.

  3. Antonio says:

    Great idea, that’s thinking outside the box ; )

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