DIY fabric leaf garland | made for $6.41

Around autumn (and holiday season) you would usually find me starting at leaves. I LOVE their colors, unique shapes, and beauty as they softly sway in the air falling so gently to the ground. I see them as little kisses from mother Earth. So for this holiday season (ahhhh, Thanksgiving is already next week!!!) I decided to whip up (um, create) some leaf garlands … economically of course. I made 3 different ones, but today I’m sharing the ones I made using fabric (as I got to zoom out for a 2pm meeting soon). What I only invested in was the fabric.  Are you familiar with Fabric Quarters? They are 18″x21″ pre-cut fabrics individually packed …..


I purchased the above at JoAnn. They were originally $1.99, but with a 25% discount I scored them at $1.49 (woohooo!). The DIY ingredients: 

- 4 fabrics quarters $5.97 + tax ($.44) = $5.97
- real leaves (grabbed from outside, no didn’t climb tree))
- scissors (had at home, who doesn’t!) = $0.00
- clear cord (had at home) = $0.00
- glue (had at home) = $0.00
- iron (which I use it more for project than my clothing) if needed
- hooks / tape (had at home) = $0.00


total cost $6.41 


1. gather leaves
2. trace the leaf shape
3. cut leaf shape
4. make fabric stiff
5. cut slits into the stem
6. thread away
7. hang + admire

(1) Gather a variety of leaves from outside (if possible without neighbors seeing you so you don’t look like a weirdo) -> (2) use the leaves as your outline template placing them on top of the fabric (or on a cardboard for weight) to trace it’s shape -> (3) cut the fabric to make the leaf -> (4) spray fabric stiffner onto fabric leaf (or be a cheapo economical like me and use elmers glue (glue I had handy at home) -> (5) cut slits in the stem -> (6) thread a light weight clear cord (I used .012 weigh cord) -> (7) then hang (I like using removable hooks esp since I have a ton in my office). Other options (if you don’t have hooks) and want to be an economista like me, you can try using decorative tape … tiny nails … even masking tape BUT make the masking tape PRETTY by paint the masking tape to a similar color of one of the fabrics and instead of a strip cut the tape into a cute shape (ie: heart, dot).

Here’s the DIY walk through again … trace the leaf shape:

Iron out any annoying wrinkles (die wrinkles die !!! yes, I DO NOT LIKE IRONING!!!):

Add a stiffner (glue) to the fabric:  

Cut slits on the ‘stem” part of the fabric leaf … 

Once they are all threaded, you may want to even out  the steps like I did below (bec I am a NEAT FREAK … it muuuuust be aligned or I will toss and turn in my sleep): 

$0.00 cost options (in place of buying fabric pieces), go on the hunt around your home for:

- old clothing (shirts, pants, scarves, handkerchieves, thin towels, napkins, pillow covers, curtains) that you KNOW you have no plans to use, or are tired of seeing them it’s original state. Donate them to the world of craft, and remember that you can store these leaf garlands and re-use them year after year (or even gift them).

Then do a little happy dance, and admire . . . .

Lastly, share your creation with EVERYONE (whether they want to see it or not). Tsst, be proud that YOU created a cool DIY you genius you. Smart is creating a DIY, genius is doing it economically, wink! Just don’t ask me to solve a math problem. Stay tuned for 2 more DIY leaf garlands this week.

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  1. antonio says:

    Love the idea and so economical :)

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