Fabric … yummy yummy … fabric!

Hi! No, I am not munching on fabric … though I confess that I (like many interior decorators) feel like a kid in a candy store when we visit fabric stores … so many yumminess, so little time!!

A few days ago I mentioned Calico Corners as a great store where you can get your custom made pillow. Did you know that you can also choose the PERFECT furniture for your room (perfect in size, shape, and style) and have it decorated with your FAVORITE fabric from Calico Corners (http://www.calicocorners.com/)?

Check out their website and view the tons of fabric selections that they have. PLUS, you can get FREE swatch samples of the fabric from them so you can drool … I mean .. view them in person. Here are a few more fabric sneak peeks to inspire you:

Have a beautiful COLORFUL day! Until my next post ~Hugs, Ada . Interior Decorator for the Star in You!

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