Fab Fridays: Quiz time .. which is the most ECONOMICAL and EXPENSIVE hanging lamp?

Hi! It is fun Quiz time! I have received alot of fun feedback when I post these visual quizzes, so here is another one. Can YOU guess which hanging (pendant) lamp is the most expensive and which is the most economical one?  Here we go …. check out the 3 different design below:   

Design (A):
Design (B):
Design (C):
Ready for the reveal? Did you narrow down which design is the expensive one? Here’s the price order from the most expensive to the most economical.
Design (C) price is $66,000 from dwr.com - design called Artichoke Light
Design (A) price is $199.99 from LampsPlus.com - design called White Flower Pendant Chandelier
Design (B) price is $29.99 from Ikea.com - design called Knappa
How did you do on the quiz? .. let me know .. comment below. 
Here’s a space I designed using one of the above
pendant lamps for a client in Brooklyn, New York:

Remember, what makes a lamp special is that YOU love the design and it flows well within the decor of your room, NOT how much it is! For my clients I have fun sourcing and presenting items that look expensive without being expensive. Until our next post … Hugs, Ada - Interior Decorator for the Star in You!

~ You can live in comfort and style with affordable solutions that illuminate your personality to fuel your happiness and passions in life. I am happy to help you, visit: www.adasdecoratingsolutions.com. While there, remember to grab your FREE gift … my interior decorating e-book (49 pages) called ‘Delicious Decorating for the Star in You”.


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