Fab Fridays eZine Peek: Why I Carry Zip Lock Bags in My Purse (Plus 2 tips!)

Why I Carry Zip Lock Bags in My Purse (Plus 2 other Design Habits!) ~ For full length articles subscribe to our eZine at www.adasdecoratingsolutions.com

Pssssst, I have a confession! I have a few weird habits! Ok, there I said it! Frankly, I am actually proud of them, because the habits all help me be the person who I am today - unique! And, guess what? You may want to incorporate a few of my weird habits to find out how it eases creating a cohesive design within your home. So are you ready to find out why on earth I carry zip lock bags in my purse (and they are not for fruits or cookies)?
Here are 4 habits I have that help me create cohesive unique designs:
1) I carry zip lock bags - my purse isn’t the typical purse of a female or probably any other interior decorator. Of course, I carry my lipstick and mirror (female essentials, duh!!). However, I also usually carry a measuring tape, scissors, and clear zip lock bags. Why zip lock bags?
The clear bags carry and separate samples I have for different clients - such as wall paint color swatches, floor wood stain samples, fabric swatches, window blind samples; as well as, a picture of the room of the project at hand so I can have a constant visual in front of me when I go to stores to meet vendors or am sourcing new accessories or furniture items. All the samples are nicely protected inside each zip lock bag per client. I can easily reach into my bag and find the project I need to review and protect all my project samples from any crazy makeup mishap within my purse and avoid mixing project samples. Yes, I do have a HUGE purse!
The tip: when decorating your home set aside separate zip lock bags for each room (living room, bedroom, etc.) to facilitate the quick review of samples you have for each room.
2) Magazines to the rescue - I usually carry one shelter magazine with me, not necessarily for casual reading, but to use for color matching items that I spot at furniture stores. Yes, color matching!
You see, the wall paint color swatch booklets I have are heavy and a bit cumbersome for my bag, so when I do not feel like lugging around an additional 5 lbs (that feel like 50 lbs after 2 blocks of walking in high heels), I carry a magazine! Magazines have a HUGE variety of colors and when I spot a colorful item in a store I take out my magazine, flip through the pages, and circle a comparative color within the pages of the magazine that matches the item I spotted (e.g. colorful lamp base, artwork, upholstered sofa, decorative pillows, etc.). I write the name of the client and project that I intend it for, then back at the office I compare it to the full design I am developing to see if there is a cohesive flow.
The tip: carry a magazine as your color chart guide, and when you spot a decorative item at a store that you think may go well in your room pull out your trusty color chart (um, magazine!), then when you are back home compare the color of the decorative item/furniture piece with colors in your room.

3) Personal (I mean real personal) weird habits that I have - I confess that I have been told that I have very weird eating habits, but actually they are pretty normal to me, just not to anyone else that I have met (not even my hubby). Here are a few:
- I love vanilla ice cream with olives and garlic (yes, garlic!)
- I love mixing orange juice with milk and a few tablespoons of sugar (yum!, slurp)
- I love eating raw potatoes (with no skins … hey, I am not THAT weird!)

All weird? Ok, maybe, however it definitely shows my creativity. I dare to go where no one has gone before. And that is what I encourage you to do.
Do what makes you feel happy! No one is going to tell me not to add olives to my ice cream because “I” LOVE IT.
My creativity allows me be able to look into the personality of my clients to discover what they love with no judgement so I can reflect that ‘love’ … that ‘happiness’ within their home. Perhaps it is painting a wall with chalkboard paint so my clients can write messages in the kitchen without using magnets or post it notes on the refrigerator; or perhaps it is mounting a horse saddle on a wall to reminisce the youthful fun days of equestrian riding; or perhaps it is displaying pages of a comic book into a frame to make it a cherished piece of art and inspiration to one day write your own series of comic books.

It is especially important for entrepreneurs to express their uniqueness so it can nourish their passion and energize them to share their talent to help others. Whatever you do, shine on! When you shine, you smile; and smiles are contagious so please shine/smile to illuminate the world. Have a brilliant day!
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