Fab Fridays eZine Peek: How to Paint Almost Anything from Cheap to Chic!

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What are you to do when you are a bit afraid to spend money but want to live in comfort and style at home? Answer - you start to think creatively, such as implementing these steps:

1. Use what you have at home in a “different way” (new furniture placement)

2. Filter your spending (do you really Want? Love? Need? an item)

3. Hire an interior decorator to help guide you, save money, time, and avoid mistakes

4. Think cheap to chic with PAINT!

I have said it before and I will say it again, “paint” is the most economical way to transform your home to “feel” and “look” different. The picture below is of one of my designs. My client wanted her small studio apartment to feel large, airy, and with a design style that represented her - in an economical way of course. So, my secret weapon/wand to the r-e-s-c-u-e: “painting“!

Ladies - remember how you feel when you put on makeup that makes you look more gorgeous than you already are? That’s how a new fresh coat of paint feels (gorgeous home)!

Gents - remember how you feel when your favorite team wins a game even though you are not even a player in? That’s how a new fresh coat of paint feels (winner at home)!

Did you know that you could paint almost anything in your home? Yes, anything! Here’s a list of a variety of things you can paint to go from cheap to chic using the secret wand - paint:

Duh! Okay, painting walls is a no brainer for making an impact in a room! However, be creative when painting your walls - mask the walls with painters tape to make geometric (chic!) designs, or you can even use plates of different sizes to outline circles with a pencil to paint on your walls. There are also sassy wall paints that provide the unexpected; such as, magnetic paint, chalkboard paint, suede look, linen fabric look.
Extra tip: when using painter’s tape seal the tape lines with clear glaze to get an added protection against jagged lines.

Most of the time we try our best NOT to get stains or paint on our fabrics, but with a “cheap to chic” mission in mind turn drab to fab by painting your fabrics.

How: Paint toss pillows, shower curtains, window curtains, cabinet skirts by using textile paint (found at most craft stores). Make sure you follow the curing time for the paint to dry; and voila - you have your very own customized chic design!

Yes, you read correctly - you can paint ceramic tiles in your bathroom. So if you currently have scary looking tiles that scream “puke color” every time you see it, then economically transform your tile color from blah to wow!

What you will need: 150 grit sandpaper, paintbrush, trisodium phosphat cleanser, boning/ceramic primer and your favorite color of paint in latex.


Do you have glass vases hidden away because they do not match your décor? Well, bring them out to play! Then, as a hungry person carries a fork and spoon in hands, get your paint and brush in hand. Customizes clear vases, bowls, and even plates creatively with paint.

How: you can easily get glass paint at your local craft store. Make sure you seal the paint with varnish.

Tip: if you have a clear glass table, create a design under the glass and let your personality shine through. Perhaps you can even stencil words under the table - “Live! Love! Laugh!” is one of my favorite quotes.

You may not have the millions of dollars to spare on decorating your home, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy living in your home with style. If you are a bit intimidated about the process, then pick a small sample to practice on, then when you fall in love with it … paint the entire thing. With creative ways to paint, you can transform your home to reflect your personality and style. Have fun!

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  1. Andrea Costantine says:

    This is an awesome list of stuff to paint and how to. I better get my apron on! :) A fresh coat of paint can change anything… I worked at a restaurant once that used paint to cover up just about anything!

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