eZine Peek: 7 Instant Wall Artwork Ideas that You Can Easily Create

7 Instant Wall Artwork Ideas that You Can Easily Create:

A mistake that I often see many people do is place just 1 small artwork frame on their wall. Ooooh, now lonely it looks all by itself on a wall. Solution? Create an art collection design.

Look around your room, do you have lonely artwork floating on your wall? Don’t worry I won’t tell! What I will mention is 7 super cool ideas to create artwork. What makes them super cool? 3 reasons:

1. They are economical.
2. They are easy to create.
3. They are special because YOU choose the design.

The most precious wall art is one that has meaning to you. A unique art is one that YOU can create yourself and no one can duplicate. Ready for the reveal?

1. Magazine pages
Before you recycle your old magazines take a peek at them for certain images that you may LOVE to use that would enhance one of your walls.

For example, there are magazine that have pages showing beautiful flowers. You can tear out (gently of course, you wouldn’t want to wilt the flowers!) the pages and frame the floral designs. Picture this: a wall with different size frames that display a variety of beautiful flowers with colors that flow well with colors within your room (ie: yellow bouquet of roses picks up the color of toss pillows that has yellow stripes). The best part - you don’t have to water these flowers!

2. Paper
Show off a design series on paper. Picture this: a series of 3 - 6 frames placed vertically or horizontally with a design that you love from:

a. book pages or music notes
b. stationery paper
c. postcards
d. wrapping paper

If the paper is small, then get a large frame with a mat that holds your art. A large frame with a small art design draws visual interest …. ooh la la! Thrift stores are great for finding vintage books with design that can put the WOW onto your wall.

Here are a few art card designs from http://www.ikea.com/
3. Plates

Display plates that have beautiful designs. Dig them up from storage, dust them off, use a plate hanger to install on walls, and show them off!! This design is especially priceless if the plates have a special meaning to you (given to you by your parents, grandparents, etc.) Secret: you DON’T have to display them just in your kitchen or dining room. The beauty of collective art is that you can display it in any room that maintains a cohesive color flow with the design.

4. Accomplishments
Frame! Frame! Frame all your accomplishments. No diploma has to be in boring zzzz standard frames, instead pick a frame color or mat color that shouts woooohoooo, I accomplished this and I am PROUD of it”. Also to break us the visual text design, try adding pictures of you when you received the awards.

5. Paint
You can but economical canvas frames (which are stretched cotton fabric onto wood boards) at an art store and paint it with left over wall paint (use a wall paint color that stands out for a cool POP of color). You can paint a design (stripes, circles, thin lines, etc.) or the entire canvas with a favorite color that picks up a color from one of your favorite accessories, toss pillows, furnishings.

6. Children’s artwork
Take those favorite masterpieces from your refrigerator and frame them. If you have artwork that YOU created when you were young, ADD them to your wall art collection. These are great for home offices - brings a smile with an organized design.

7. Photos that YOU have taken.
So go ahead and stalk your pets, friends, and family for photos to add as ART to your wall. The below frames are sold at http://www.cb2.com/:

Remember, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have beautiful (MEANINGFUL) art on your walls. Scared of implementing a change? Start with a small collective design. You may find out that creating your own art is addictively FUN!

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