eZine peek: 4 Ways to Bring the Relaxation of Nature into your Home without Planting a Tree in it!

4 Ways to Bring the Relaxation of Nature into your Home without Planting a Tree in it!

I find spring season to be very invigorating - the time for our spirit to blossom and shine. Flowers seems to be waking up and stretching saying hello world here I am. And I would like YOU to feel that way within your home as well - with an attitude of ‘here I am world’.

So today’s article focuses on 4 easy ways to bring the outside indoors to help you feel relaxed + invigorated = peaceful. The decorating tips are simple yet powerful when implemented. And maybe you have thought of these ideas before BUT …. have you implemented it to feel its power?

As entrepreneurs and feel better seekers it is vital for us to maintain a comfort within our home; the more comfortable we are then the more relaxed we are, then the more creative ideas we get, then the more invigorating energy we get, then the more love we feel because we have a sense of peace.

Ready?Here are 4 easy ways to bring nature into your home:

1. With Artificial Flowers
I confess that there was a time that I frowned upon artificial flowers. I viewed them as dust collectors and so fake looking, but artificial flowers nowadays sure aren’t like our grandmothers used to be. There are some flowers that look so real that even though you read the sign that clearly says artificial flowers you are still drawn to touch them to convince yourself, and even then there are some that have a soft texture that makes you want to bring the flower under a microscope to convince yourself. Michael’s Arts and Craft store have a wonderful selection.

2. With Herbs
Herbs plants are a great way to bring the outside in because of their vibrant green leaves AND wonderful aroma. Plus (big plus) they are ooooh so delicious to cook with. Perfect location to place them is on your kitchen window sill if you get good light, plus keeping them insight reminds you to use them. Eat eat eat! Yum yum yum!

3. With Picture Gallery of Nature
Create your own wall gallery filled with pictures that YOU take! Go on a nature walk at least once a week for a month with your trusty camera and take pictures of trees, flowers, shrubs, butterflies, bees, anything that makes you STOP and have your heart say ‘wow, that is nice’. Take that moment with you and place it on your wall. Here’s a guide:

1. Choose the wall you will designate as your nature gallery
2. Choose the frame design you want (various size frames or same size frames)
3. Replace the store picture that comes with the frames with a temporary design: wallpaper, gift wrapping paper, color paper, etc.)
4. Hang the frames (don’t wait until you have taken the nature pictures!!), hang the frames 1st and that will be your inspiration to fill the frames with pictures as you take them.
5. Have fun taking pictures and placing YOUR WORK OF ART in the frame replacing the temporary design (ie: wallpaper, color paper, etc.) -or- placing your picture in FRONT of the paper so you can use the design paper in the future! No pressure, do it at your own pace throughout the season.

4. With Scent
Yes, nowadays you get the fresh spring scent in a BOTTLE! The Container Store carries 3 refreshing scents (see photo) which are called: Blue Water, Evening Garden, and Herbal Cucumber. So spray away, close your eyes, and instantly feel like you are taking a fresh breath of air outside.

Now remember, comfort comes from a physical (furniture placement, visual stimulants,) and mental state of mind of relaxation. You have the power to transform your home environment to nourish your comfort. Shine on!

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