Estate Sale (at a mansion!!!)

Oh how I love weekends filled with house stalking (aka: tag sales and estate sales). Am I the only one that goes to estate sales and checks out the architecture of homes? I think not my fellow stalkers! I warn you in advance … I hardly have any photos of the items that were on sale …. too busy drooling over the architecture and touring the gazillion rooms that this house had (seriously, we kinda got lost). They had me at ……. hellooooo gorgeous walkway:

I am in LOVE with the adorable biushes aligned like soldiers - all so perfectly (cue in: me frolicking towards the door with a HUGE smile). There was security outside (super nice guy) to keep the house from getting too crowded. This is the entryway:

Me frolicking up the stairs . . . . (pretending to be ‘home’):

Of course I couldn’t help decorate the house (in my mind) ”my style”. What gorgeous shiny floors huh!  Oh, here is the oval office …

. . . which I named it so since we couldn’t get access to it (all items were brought by the new owners so they locked the room). But we still got to take a peek at the gorgeous curved desk, button tufted leather chair, and oriental round rug. Room completely view-able from the 2nd floor - mezzanine style! Oh, I almost forgot to show you some of the furniture for sales … like this nightstand with feet bigger than mine:

… massive bed with amazing views through it’s balcony doors:

I want sooooo bad a ladder in my home (did u see their kitchen … ladder + ceiling details). Oh wait, I do have a bookcase ladder (in my home office). Ok, I want another one - maybe I’ll add one to our tall closet wall (maaaybe). I think I may love it so much bec it reminds me of a tree house ladder.

Checkout the kids bedroom …. with house panels (i LOVE this idea!), one panel is a chalkboard, one a corkboard, and one a paper roller with dryeraser board:

After hubby managed to pry me out of the kids room, we ventured downstairs where loooots of accessories + furniture items were stored …. um, though I didn’t take pics of any … (1) bec it looked messy and (2) I got distracted by the outdoor pool:

We had been looking for a patio umbrella, but theirs were tan color and we (me!) are looking for a cool BRIGHT color umbrella (search continues). I did managed to get these …..

Ok, not at all an antique (esp since I have seen them sold at Bed Bath and Beyond), but for mere $5.00 … I’ll take it!!! Kinda nice to know that people that live in mansions also shop at stores like Bed Bath and Beyond - my kinda living … save in some stuff, splurge on others. We also purchased 4 MEGA-HUGE clear containers (perfect for holiday stuff storing), and 2 magnetic paints …. tally came to $60. Actual price total at store would had been about $190 … most of the items still had a price tag. My fins sale … with a self-guided tour! Stay tuned this weekend where I will show another Color Story (see last week’s here) and our new Column called “Sunday’s Soul Notes” with my pal Terra Rose. Her quotes are AMAZINGLY powerful!

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  1. homestilo says:

    Oh my. Now THAT is an “estate” sale!

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