Before + After Photos of Elizabeth’s Living Room (part 3)

Ready to see more of my design project installation for Elizabeth?

Part 1 revealed here, part 2 revealed here. Welcome to the tour …

Below are the contractors (Unal and Murat) who attached the curtain rods to the ceiling. Yep, my design called for attaching them
to the ceiling NOT to the wall in order to visually balance the windows on the 2 adjacent walls (one window was shorter than the other soooooo ‘curtain rods’ to the rescue! 

We even added a ‘faux’ grass carpet for the bike!

I sincerely mean it when I say that I could not create and inspire without having a great team around me - including contractors that my clients and I can count on - like the wonderful team at UC Construction, a team with heart, skills, and patience lead by Unal Caglin. They do full renovations and home improvements - like bringing to life the design I created for Elizabeth’s living room. Wanna guess what these round things are below???? … Give up?

Ok, I’ll tell u ……. it’s part of a clock design. Here’s tall (no ladder needed) Unal centering/ attaching the design to the wall.

In the empty frames we ended up inserting Elizabeth’s gorgeous scenery travel photos from when she went to Ireland. I helped Elizabeth narrow down photos that made her smile.  Then with the digital copies I edited some of the colors, cropped the pics to print vertically instead of horizontally, and sent them to the print lab. I always have them shipped/delivered to my office (instead of clients home) so I can inspect them. They turned out A-M-A-Z-I-N-G …

Photos always have much more impact as a LARGE size (vs 4×6 prints). Here they are mounted to the wall:

In the adjacent wall (to the photo gallery wall) we added a bar area:

… with a dual purpose shelf (that holds wine glasses and more). 

I added the sheer curtains as a soft (dreamy-like) way to hide the blue bike without completely hiding the exit/entrance to the patio (outdoor gorgeousness).

Below are some BEFORE photos and my design plan scribbles. We kept the leather sofa and removed practically everything else … TV stand, lamps, desk, coffee table …..

All for the good cause of transforming the space into this …

My client Elizabeth is amazing for taking the steps to make her home FEEL and LOOK like a home that reflects her spectacular personality. Thanks for trusting my vision Elizabeth to illuminate your personality within your home!! 

I hope you enjoyed today’s reveal. Remember, let the STAR in YOU shine within your home and heart!

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