4 steps to decorating with eggshells

Decorate your window sill this season with simplicity - using planters made of eggshells. It’s super easy (and of course …. economical!).

4 Steps:
1. crack eggs open a lil taller than 1/2 way (use scissors to trim)
2. remove egg content (set aside for scramble eggs, omelets, etc.)
3. add soil into the eggshells (I used a spoon)
4. add plant / flower (real or artificial … I won’t tell, wink!).

That’s it. Simple and beautiful. Now, go eyeball the pack of eggs that are in your fridge and steal scoop some soil from plants already in your (neighbors) home, and watch your creation blossom. Many times simplicity is an elegant and rewarding beauty {if you agree, tweet it}. More (pretty) photos . . . .

Life can get complicated and filled with many “have-to-do” mental chaos and the “no-she-didn’t” physical rage that can spark when it’s allowed. I emphasize allowed bec we all have a superpower (yes you do!). It’s the power to not allow something to bother us to a boiling point, to allow comments or actions to bounce off us (queue in Wonderwoman’s bracelets). Yes, it’s definitely easier said that done, but with practice it gets easier. Allowing comments/actions to bounce off us doesn’t mean that we do not react to it …. it means we respond with love - for our self and the other person. Let’s blossom this season with a goal to keep things simple within our home and heart.


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6 Responses to 4 steps to decorating with eggshells

  1. i love the plants inside the eggshells!

  2. antonio says:

    I could definitely use the Wonder Woman bracelets sometimes.
    I love the eggshell planters.

  3. noreen says:

    Ada - you’re doing adorable crafts! It’s been a long winter, and the classroom and my family have absorbed my attention, but spring is here! I look forward to visiting you more! Joy to you and yours, N.

    • Ada says:

      Hi Noreen, happy to see you at my blog again. Yaaay for spring season. This week I’m FINALLY saying bye bye to my winter coats ; ) Have a beautiful day!

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