How to Make Easter Eggs LAST all Spring!

Who says brightening your home with adorable colorful [+ creative] eggs has to end on Easter? Not meeee! We can create beautiful egg centerpieces that lasts all season long (without stinking up your home … no hard boiling eggs here!). In today’s post i will show you how to use the Blow Out Technique to hallow out raw eggs so you can show off your Easter egg designs this year as a centerpiece in your home. Ingredients: raw eggs |needle/nail | straw |bowl to catch the insides of the eggs|and sink (water!!!!) to rinse the soon-to-be-ready-for-decorating eggs.

4 simple steps: 

1. crack a small hole at one end of the raw egg by using a needle or nail, tap tap tap gently on the end to make the hole

2. crack a hole at the other end of the egg by using a screwdriver or similar tool (this will give you a medium size round hole), you want the screwdriver to go all the way inside the eggshell to loosen it up.

3. place a straw over the SMALL hole and “blow” through the straw to get all the insides out (you can also skip the straw and just place your mouth on the egg / make sure it’s rinsed. I prefer the straw, wink!)

4. wash the inside of the egg and have fun decorating the shell. The eggshell is not as delicate as you may think it is so don’t be afraid to decorate it, worse case scenario … it breaks! So what, just laugh it off. (I applied modge podge glue to see if it made the shell stronger, but found minimal difference.

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2 Responses to How to Make Easter Eggs LAST all Spring!

  1. Antonio says:

    What a cool idea. I’m definitely going to try that this season.

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