eDecorating peek | Dream Design Kit {New Hampshire}

Wow, Monday already … doesn’t the weekend always seem to fly by?! I hope you enjoyed every moment. There is a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson that I love .. and it definitely made me think twice when I read it. I have actually left the quote on my blackberry phone’s inbox (as a lil’ reminder), the quote is: “For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness”.  I love this quote and wish someone could invent a wearable reminder buzzer, so every time we start drifting/ forgetting how special our happy moments are that we get buzzed … hmmm … maybe tickled .. haha! Today, I’m tickled to share another peek at one of my eDecorating designs, here is a design for a client in New Hampshire  ….

Here are some of the furniture / decorative items within the designs:

I sure SMILE (and get a warm and fuzzy feeling) every time I receive feedbacks from my eDecorating service clients (they are like angel-wing reminders that I made the best decision ever by starting my own company to help people. Today’s eDecorating reveal is from Sandra who contacted me when she closed on a beautiful house. She wanted help making her house feel like her home (there is a huuuuge differeence between a house/apartment and a home!!!), so she send me photos of her new place unfurnished with a list of items that she hoped to keep, filled out my ‘Getting to Know You Better’ questionnaire form, and I created a design for her family.  Here’s what she wrote to me saying:  

My Dream Design Kit arrived Wed. afternoon. I absolutely love it! Never would have thought of fainting sofas - perfect for the space. And, of course, the colors are exactly what I was looking for. Starting shopping this afternoon (if we don’t get snowed in again - looking iffy).

I am very proud of Sandra and her family for taking the steps to incorporate comfort and style within their ‘home’ to maximize their comfort (huge HUG to Sandra!).  I hope you all have a full day of happiness today!

~ I do not reveal where I found any of the above items out of respect for my paying clients. For more information on getting your very own Dream Design Kit (our virtual eDecorating service) go here or email info@adasdesigninc.com. Perfect for all Do it Yourselfers - we create the design just for you and you can roll up your sleeves to have fun implementing it.

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