Economical Ideas to Decorate Your Table and Chairs this Thanksgiving!

The holidays are around the corner .. yaaaah! Right now I am having my yummy holiday coffee - caramel apple coffee - d e l i c i o u s! Today’s post reveals ECONOMICAL touches of decor that you can EASILY implement in your home this holiday. Ready for some decoration inspiration? Below pics are courtesy of Better Homes and Garden (I love their magazines!!!) with my comments (decoration inspiration for you!). This holiday:

Decorate your dining CHAIRS:
The decor does not have to be extravagant (expensive). Actually many times, LESS looks MORE elegant. So this holiday, tie a special decor to your chair, such as:

  • tie a ribbon or bow with leaves (leaves that you gather from outside your home)
  • one flower on each chair (buy an bouquet and divide the flowers)
  • a gift tag (thank you for coming note hand written).

Start collecting those ‘tie-thingies’ we get at the groceries (usually on bread bags) and REUSE them to tie YOUR special decor onto your chair (see pic above to view the ‘tie’thingie’). Is your chair not an open design, then …. tape or velcro … to the decor rescue!

Decorate your dining TABLE:

This holiday, decorate your table with FRUIT! This is one of my favorite centerpieces. Why?
1. it is economical AND
2. it is delicious decor AND
3. it is healthy edible decor (don’t cheat … go for the REAL fruit, not plastic non edible, and be the 1st one to eat it at your table and your quests will follow)

Well, I have to run now (my coffee break is over). Thank you for spendign this time with me! ~ Hugs, Ada . Interior Decorator for the Star in You!

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