I love shopping for decorative pillows for my clients, but since I specialize in affordable decorating solutions I aim to shave costs whenever I can without affecting the quality of the design and comfort of my clients. A new decorative pillow can cost from approximately $15 to $275. So, a great solution is to keep your old pillow insert  and replace your pillow cover.

Great, right? However, you still have to either spent money at a store for a pillow cover (and these can be expensive too!) or sew your own pillow cover. In our busy schedules who has time to sew! I barely had time to chew my breakfast in the morning. Also, sewing is not the easiest task for those of us who have sewing machines as nemeses. My machine spends most of it’s time giving me the evil eye. Yours too?


So, until i become BFFs with my sewing machine, my economical solution is to make pillow covers without sewing and I found a way to do it in JUST 1 MINUTE!  Yes, it takes just ONE MINUTE to make with a simple folding technique. Seriously, I timed it!



Instead of having to buy tons of different pillows for every season, or holiday, or every time your pillow design starts to fade simply invest in buying fabric (you just need 1 yard!) to cover 14” to 16” pillows.


(1) 1 yard (36”) of fabric
(2) old 14” or 16” pillow insert

The pretty pink chevron easy no sew pillow cover I created for this post cost me just $4.00. I know … awesome sauce, right!

(with photos)

 Step 1. fold the yard of fabric into a square (36”x36”)


Step 2. place pillow in the center and diagonal to the corner of the fabric


 Step 3. fold right flap onto the pillow


 Step 4. fold left flap onto the pillow


Step 5. tuck in the sides of the remaining flap edges to make a point


Step 6. fold over the remaining flaps


Step 7. tie the two visible flaps into a soft knot 


 YOUR DONE! Bonus! You now have 2 designs. One side has a bow design, and the other is a beautiful flat design.



Don’t be discouraged if you don’t quickly remember the folding techniques, as it does take practice. Ladies, remember how long it took you to create a hair braid? And gents, remember how long it took you to learn how to tie a necktie. Now, they are both easy to do.  So be gentle on yourself, once you practice you can totally create your no sew pillow cover in just 1 MINUTE!


  1. STEP 1 fold the yard of fabric into a square (36”x36”)
  2. STEP 2 place pillow in the center and diagonal to the corner of the fabric
  3. STEP 3  fold right flap onto the pillow
  4. STEP 4 fold left flap onto the pillow
  5. STEP 5 tuck in the edges (as if gift wrapping a present)
  6. STEP 6 fold over the remaining flaps
  7. STEP 7 tie the two visible flaps into a soft knot and your done!

chevron-pink-pillows_new-york-interior-decorator-ada-gonzalez_diy-no-sewing-pillow-covers-for-seasons_edited-1  Making your own NO SEW PILLOW COVERS:

  • saves you storage space. No more storing summer pillows in the winter, simply use the old summer decorative pillow with a new autumn season fabric design. Wrap them seasonally or by holidays.
  • saves you money. I love decorative pillows but the cost of buying pillow inserts + pillow covers can add up quickly. The chevron fabric that i used in this design cost me only $4.00, yes! $4 buckaroos
  • makes your space unique. This decorative pillow cover is not from big-box store purchase, which means it’s very unique. And, you can happily sing “I made this” to every-single-person that walks into your home. That’s right, share your creation even with your plumber. The fun is contagious, and you are the spark that can bring that creativity within your home and others.
  • saves you time. It’s so easy to make. The fold takes just 1 MINUTE once you remember all the steps.

And, you can still have AWESOME pillow fights!

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