more egg-tastic designs| nail polish + markers

Happy Easter!!!! I’m still on my mission to decorate eggs (1) without using the standard ‘dye’ and (2) in ways that are QUICK and SIMPLE. What did I eyeball in my home? ……. nail polish.

The heart designs were easy to create .. basically 2 strokes, left + right diagonal strokes (and one more for touch ups). Soooooo easy!

What was NOT easy to do was decorate the eggs with colorful tread. The strings wouldn’t stay in place (the nerve!) when I wrapped it diagonal. Hmmmm, maybe if I sprayed the eggs with an adhesive it would stay, but actually that wouldn’t matter bec I RAN OUT OF THREAD (boo hoo!). Anyhoooo, here’s a peek at a half completed job before I gave up:

It was much easier to wrap the egg with yarn (perhaps bec it’s thicker) , but I  RAN OUT OF that too . . .


I love the idea of writing a POEM on the eggs, so I grabbed my black markers and … writers block (eek!)noooo poem came to mind at the moment.  Seriously, not even “Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, That’s Why I Love You” came to mind. So, instead of sentences  I wrote words … love, joy, happy, courage, Here are some pics:

Today hubby made deviled eggs .. it was sooooo delicious. We had a project in mind = to make the eggs look like little chicks just hatching from their egg shell. I used carrots for their beaks and pepper for their eyes. I’ll post the pics in this week’s Tasty Tuesday’s blog columns. Hope your day has been filled with love, fun, and happiness.

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  1. Antonio says:

    Love the ideas. Can’t wait for next year.

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