e-decorating peek … { Boston, MA client }

Happy wednesdays! Today I am featuring another one of my e-decorating designs - this one for a client who lives in Boston, MA …

… who wanted me to design her living room. She used to have the sofa in front of the fireplace, but it closed up the space, and she wanted the room to feel/look spacious so I flanked the sofa against the wall .. and added seating around it. The only item she wanted to ‘maybe’ keep was her desk. She mentioned that she LOVED the desk but was open to placing it somewhere else. OF COURSE, once I hear the word ‘love’ I knew I had to keep it in the room and design around it. Oh, what else does she love …. leather (hence rug), wood (see all the wood items sprinkled throughout the design?), and linen (I added beautiful sheer curtains).

She wanted a space to relax, and work…. and possibly an entertainment area. Her wish is my command = I added a butler tray (see below). Oh, did you notice the white lacquered MOOSE head? … haha. Hey, no one says you can’t have a sophisticated design WITH FUN!!! To keep her space looking ‘airy’ I added furniture pieces that weren’t boxy.

What do you think of the design?  Did you spot an item that you love? I love the (3 set) side tables (next to the sofa) bec they are a cross section of a tree trunk so you can see the lovely wood ring color variance. Well, I gotta run … i’m prepping another e-design! Have a BEAUTIFUL day!

~ I do not reveal where I found any of the above items out of respect for my paying clients. For more information on getting your very own eDecorating Dream Design Kit  go here | Every comment is read, appreciated, and loved. To leave a comment please scroll down!

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8 Responses to e-decorating peek … { Boston, MA client }

  1. homestilo says:

    You really managed to create multi function in the space with your plan. The coffee table would be a fave for me :-)

    • Ada says:

      Thanks! The more clients tell me what they like and do not the more I am able to customize the design - picking items they LOVE.

  2. Ada, I like all that you have posted so it’s difficult to choose just three. :) Cheers!

  3. anastasia says:

    looks great Ada!! i also had an EDecor service after winning a giveaway…will have to post it soon on my blog too!

  4. I love the room layout! Could you share with me what program you use to do your room layouts?

    • Ada says:

      Hi Helen .. thanks for stopping by and commenting ! Glad u LOVE the room layout (yeaaaaah!). I use CAD for the layouts.

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