How to paint a ‘reminder’ door (its front, edge, back)

For the days that zip by so quickly with tons to do and tons of constant thinking, it’s nice to see visual reminders … little clues to help us stop in our tracks and think of the positives (not of the person who didn’t hold the door for you as you carried 500 packages, 4 hours ago. Yeah, we can keep gripes in our mind for a while huh). Ever noticed how we can have tons of photos in our home, but not look at them often? This is why I love having words displayed in the home, words gently nudge us to stop to read (a natural reaction). Today’s post shows how I used a door to give us a reminder message including painting the word “is” on the edge of the door.

I chose the sentence – Bliss is Love, picking words that could be read from both sides of the door.

When you enter, it reads: Love is Bliss
When you exit, it reads: Bliss is Love

1. pencil
2. paint
3. brush

I used left over paint from painting this yellow wall here, so my cost was $0 buckaroos to do this project. Do you have any extra paint snoozing in your home? Wake it up and try this project.

1. draw the words with “is” in the edge of the door
2. paint in the outlined words
3. send me a photo if you do this project, wink! I may share it on my social media platforms (have your creation inspire others!)

The door I choose to paint “Love is Bliss” is our bathroom door so we (and guests) can see the message every day we open/close the door. I love the idea of painting kids bedroom door with their name on the outside, word is on the edge, then an inspirational word on the inside of the door.

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4 Responses to How to paint a ‘reminder’ door (its front, edge, back)

  1. antonio says:

    what a great saying. I can’t wait to get started; )

  2. I will certainly be stealing this idea =P I have my dream board/goal board on the inside part of the bathroom door… perfect place to slow down, read, and think happy thoughts. I try so hard to let go of things, but you’re right, even the littlest grudges so stubbornly linger =/

    • Ada says:

      Steal away! Its nice to have a reminder here and there to slow down and appreciate what we do have. Wishing you continuous happy thoughts!!

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