Do You Want a Motivational $ Discount? | Get clutter freedom tools!!

So what better way to get motivated to organize your home, then with SAVING MULA with discounts from cool stores! So, today I am giving you the link to one of my favorite stores, where YOU can currently get a discount.

When my clients mentions that they are looking to . . .

1) design a closet or home office area to maximize their space

2) that is affordable

. . . I turn to my trusty stylish vendor - The Container Store! Even my office has their shelves, bins, baskets … all with stylish colors (of course!). And YOU can have them as well.

It is such a joy to be surrounded by organized tools (shelves, drawers, baskets, etc.) where you know that each area is designated for a purpose to make your life easier, smoooooother, happier.
Why does it make us happy? Because there is no need to waste time looking for items when you train yourself to keep them in a designated space. And it is a “training” process for many. Mainly because certain habits are very difficult to break (e.g. putting clothes back on a hanger). Hmmm, is that YOU? : )

But guess what … once you SEE THE BEAUTY … how beautiful your organized space looks … you NEVER WANT TO GO BACK! Check out these inspirational images below and the link below will lead you directly to the store …. so go ahead … get inspired, then take action to nurture your soul to be at peace with no physical clutter:

Pretty in pink! I love this picture above because it shows us how we can “beautiful” the inside of our closets as well as the outside can be. Throw a DASH of your favorite color inside your closet to complement the design outside the closet.

Who wouldn’t enjoy opening their closet and seeing cheerful colors and designs that warm their hearts?! I do! I do! I do! Besides paint, try wallpapering the inside of your closet with a pattern that you love!

And remember, your home office doesn’t have to be boring. Having a “creative” space helps you feel better, which makes you think better, which leads to taking more productive action! Ahhhh, the wonderful power of great design!

Okay, so here is the link (30% discount), click on it and check out their wonderful selection of items on sale:

Have fun looking around the website to see how you can improve your home to reflect your style and comfort. And if you need help, just let me know. ~ Hug, Ada
~ Get your VIP Smart Decorating package for FREE by visiting:
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