Do you have a Christmas color scheme in your home? How to!

What is the best way to have a flowing color scheme in your room? Hint hint: the word ‘flowing’! The best way is to make sure that you sprinkle colors throughout your room. Let the colors flow softly throughout your room and not just in ONE spot or else …. the color may feel overwhelming and the room may visually feel lopsided (heavy on one side overwhelmed with color).

Below are today’s Decoration Inspiration examples of how you can ‘sprinkle’ a festive color flow in your room(s) this Christmas. If your holiday color preference is red you can have:

Display red gift tags like these reindeers below
(pssst you can use them as ornaments as well). The below is available at

Then on your sofa, love seat, or armchairs you can sprinkle some red festive pillows- like this one from

To give a color visual HEIGHT to the the room add some cool red vases to the top shelves of your bookcase, or fireplace mantle, or wall shelves:

Wrap (or shall I say … DECORATE) your Christmas presents with red accents that pick up the color already sprinkled throughout your festive room … such as with….

red ribbons:

red stripped wrapping (um, decorating) paper … I love this one … it remind me of candy canes:

The red ribbon and decorating paper shown above were spotted at The below wrapping paper (recycled!!! and with inspirational words like ‘Kindness”) are from Viva Terra:
Have a super duper Happy Holidays! ~ Hug, Ada . Interior Decorator for the Star in You!

~ For more FUN and INSPIRING Christmas ideas and guide read Christmas Interior Decorating Made Easy by Ada Gonzalez Interior Decorator for the Star in You at

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