Do Acorns Blush? Our DIY ones do!

Isn’t this one of the cutest acorns that you have ever seen? It’s a shy one too - hence the blushed cheeks.

I went on the HUNT for acorns around my hood to make this project. My morning walk turned into an ab and back workout bending to gather these. I swear a squirrel gave me the evil eye for grabbing some of these goods. I briefly imaged this happening to me.

Drawing the faces on the acorns was inspired by Marie’s version at Make and Take (totally adorable too! Check out her site). When I spotted it (ehem, more than 2 years go, eek. Yeah, time flys bye quickly) I added it to my give-it-a-try-diy list. Last week I met up with a pal Debra to relax, chat, and craft away making these cuties below. Debra made the lil vampire below (isn’t it the cutest thing!).

Most acorns already came with the “hat” attached, but those that didn’t we simply glued them on:

This time I didn’t fight with my glue gun like I did here (it didn’t attack me with its scorching hot lava).

We added magnet to the back of the acorn so we can attach the cutie-pies to our fridges. I think they would also be great in offices since they r usually filled with metal cabinets - maybe decorate the cabinet with a cute magnet … could cheer up any employee by looking at them or throwing them at a fellow co-worker. Hey, whatever float your boat (ha!).

I gave the lil fellow below some blue eyes .. and actually left him without a hat (I call him baldy).

There are so many goofy and fun faces you can draw … glasses, bucked teeth, cyclopes, etc fun etc.

Do you have any crafty DIY projects that you ‘intend’ (oooone day) to make but have procrastinated from doing as well? 

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4 Responses to Do Acorns Blush? Our DIY ones do!

  1. antonio says:

    What a great idea : )

  2. Gloria says:

    I remember doing this when I was little! So cute!

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