DIY Mustache Fun

Ready for some DIY silliness? Summer to me means increased fun and relaxation (mixed in with work – urgh .. oh wait .. I forgot .. I do LOVE my work … well 80% of the time). It’s always great to unwind .. hanging out with friends, fam, or simply reading a book (even better if it’s by pool) ….. or by making some fun silly DIY – like mustache masks. Ready?

First you need mustache templates (or you can draw your own). The templates I used are from wonderful Shannon at the Fox Hollow Cottage blog. She also has free lip templates so check out her blog. Thanks Shannon for the templates! Simple instructions to “grow” your mustache: print .. cut … tape onto a holder (I used long toothpicks as the holder)

Print ….. cut ….

admire …

 tape …

then wear … muahaha (my sinister laugh) . . .

Made from items around my home = free DIY fun. The best part is … making funny faces like … Eek… Growl … You Looking at Me …. Hmmmm:

Even Leo joined the fun:

More on Leo here. Have you made any diy projects lately?

Stay tuned … tomorrow I will the skewed chicken I made with garlic (loooots of garlic), raisins, rosemary and more. Then Wed is another design peek reveal -> peek at the master bedroom for my client Isela (you can see her living room here). Have a beaaaaautiful day!

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6 Responses to DIY Mustache Fun

  1. i think my boys would have a lot of fun with those! it actually look quite nice on leo there 🙂

  2. cute! and great photography! Sadly I haven’t had a spare moment to work on a diy project this past month. Perhaps once school starts in the fall for my kids..

    • Ada says:

      Thanks … I simply used my samsung android phone’s camera. Hey, we all need a little break to re-energize those creative juices in the fall 🙂

  3. trishie says:

    Love this! So much fun.

    PS: It’s giveaway time on my blog! Hope you join:

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