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So what do you do when you look for drawer handles and can’t find a style that you LOVE with a price that won’t give you a heart attack? The answer – you DIY your very own handles! And, I did! For our kitchen I decided to DIY leather drawers pulls. And, it’s cost me less than $10. I KNOW, kinda freaking awesome, right! See below the materials I used, the simple steps, and more photos.

leather drawer handle 1 drawing - steps for  DIY leather drawer pull handles

2 leather drawer pulls -handles - braided - drill holes on cabinet


  1. drawer(s) of course, haha
  2. a drill
  3. leather cords (sold like this and this)

I used 1/8 thick beige color leather lace cord

  • need 3 strands (for the cool braid)
  • cut to about 18″ long (so, 3 strands of 18″ leather cords for each drawer)


1. drill holes on drawer panel (use standard size 3″ or 4″, this way if you want to change the handle in the future you already have the standard size)

2. thread 3 leather cords through the LEFT hole from INSIDE the drawer

3 - DIY leather drawer pull handles - thread

3. take about 5″ of the leather cords from the INSIDE of the LEFT drawer and KNOT it from the INSIDE

4 - measure DIY leather drawer pull handles

4. knot the OUTSIDE of the LEFT drawer

5 - DIY leather drawer pull handles - braid leather cord

5. braid leather cords until you reach a length you like (4″ for a 3″ drill handle, 5″ for 4″ drilled handle)

6. tie a knot on the RIGHT side OUTSIDE drawer

7. thread cord through hole on RIGHT side

6 - DIY leather drawer pull handles

8. tie a knot on the INSIDE of the drawer

9.  cut excess thread and ADMIRE your work

7 - DIY leather drawer pull handles

After you create / install it feel free to do a happy dance knowing that you have UNIQUE drawer pulls that YOU created and YOU saved money. Also, this doesn’t have to be a drawer handle for just kitchens. You can add these to your nightstand drawers, or dresser drawers, or file cabinets, or console table drawers, just remove the current handles/pulls. Have a BEAUTIFUL day!

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  1. antonio says:

    you come up with the coolest ideas I love the way it looks.

  2. KLD says:

    Do you have any tricks to prevent the knots inside the draw from loosening? Cool idea, but I am sure my knots would come undone.

    • Ada says:

      Making a “stopper knot” may do the trick (google for instructions), though I haven’t tried it myself. My DIY drawer leather handles were created more than a year ago and only about a 1/4″ became loose and I am totally fine with that – part of having a unique drawer handle, and these are drawers that we use MULTIPLE times a day (and only softly loosened wohoooo). Hope that helps, have fun in the process w adventures ‘diy’s, put worries aside, and remember the joy of being able to say … look, “I” created that 😉

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