‘Blowing Kisses’ Flipbook


Yep, we are still in Hawaii (you can checkout where we are now in Hawaii via my instagram updates) … I created today’s DIY post before we left. What did I make? A tiny (pocket-size) FLIPBOOK to give to hubby for our 4 year wedding anniversary. Above is the gif animated version of it. I got the super ADORABLE idea of blowing kisses via paper from Katie at Color Me Katie blog (thank you Katie for the inspiration!!!!). Here are the steps:

(1) I took a few “action” scene photos… some scenes had me holding up signs saying HAPPY 4yr ANNIVERSARY which I simply write on copy paper with a red marker . . . .

(2) then added hearts clipart using Photoshop (you can also draw the hearts with a marker like Katie did) . . . .

(3) I made sure I had “security” up so hubby didn’t see the design before our anniversary ( I also placed tacks on the floor .. just kidding!)

(4) printed each scene in qty of nine duplicates of each scene . . .

(5) then trimmed each scene . . .

Pssst, yes I did color coordinate wearing my PINK shirt and  RED lipstick (smooch) . . .

(6) I grouped each scene together and attached them with a clip

Here’s the FLIPBOOK:

What do you think of it? I wanted it to be small so hubby could carry it in his work bag. It actually turned out SMALLER and CHUBBIER than I had hoped <- all lessons learned for next time around …. note to self: make it wider and less duplicated quantities. The paper clip make it easier to hold / flip and it is a bit more shall I say ‘manlier’ than a ribbon. I think it’s an ADORABLE unique (AND PERSONAL) gift for any anniversary, birthday, valentine’s day, just-because day, or even Mother’s Day (psssst, Mother’s Day is this Sunday, wink!).  

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6 Responses to ‘Blowing Kisses’ Flipbook

  1. homestilo says:

    I’ve always loved flip books- this is brilliant.
    Hope you are still enjoying your vacay to the max. Oh, and Happy Anniversary!

  2. antonio says:

    Love the flip book, soooo inventive.

  3. Gloria says:

    Ok this is seriously adorable!

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