Cutest surprise idea for Valentine’s day (DIY coffee stencils) | Free templates


I love heart conversation candies. I buy them every year since I can remember. I don’t eat them (ok, I may eat 2 or 30 haha), but I mainly get them to display messages for hubby throughout the day (um, at least those that survive my sugar craving). I place them in his bag, coat pocket, in v-day card, on nightstand when he gets up. What I love about them are the cute words. So, this Valentines I decided to merge conversation with coffee instead of hard candy. I love heart conversation candy. I love coffee. So, why not merge both with a DIY coffee stencil. It’s easy to make, fun to see, plus I’m sharing a template for you that you can print out in case you want to make it without drawing the designs yourself.

XO-1_490-coffee stencil_coffee art XO-3_coffee stencil_coffee art_conversation heart candy MATERIALS for DIY COFFEE STENCIL: 
1. paper
2. xacto knife
3. spices

Oh, yeah …. you also need coffee (or hot chocolate) with milk foam or whip cream. All the coffee designs in this post featured were deliciously made with whip cream.
1_coffee stencil_coffee art_food drink ideas _whip cream design STEPS:
1. trace your cup onto paper
2. draw words, XOs, or shapes (heart)
3. draw a handle
4. cut out the words and / or shapes to make stencil
5. place stencil onto your cup’s whip cream or foam
6. sprinkle your treat (nugmeg, pumpkin spice, chocolate. etc.)
7. admire, surprise a loved one, and slurp together!

Or, if ya’ll not in the mood to draw (bec you have last minute roses to buy, or v-day gifts to wrap), then you can use the DIY coffee stencil templates that I made (the XO, KISS ME, LUV YOU, 4EVER plus more) over here —> DIY coffee stencil templates - XOXO.

2-1_coffee stencil_coffee art_food ideas_conversation heart candy Below are some photos to give you a visual guide of how cute these diy coffee stencils can turn out. I hope you love them too:

3_490_coffee stencil_coffee art_food_ideasconversation heart candy 6_coffee stencil_coffee art_food ideas_conversation heart candy 5_coffee stencil_coffee art_food ideas Remember, ya’ll can sprinkle whatever you want on top of it … nutmeg, pumpkin spice, chocolate powder, color sugar. And hey, if you want to skip coffee and go straight to dessert, you can sprinkle your favorite conversation topping using the DIY coffee stencil onto vanilla ice cream or cupcake icing. Yummy. Lastly, you know it doesn’t have to be Valentine’s day to make these. Surprise a loved on over the weekend, before they go to work, or on a day ‘you’ consider special. Wishing you a very HAPPY Valentine’s Day and loving day every day (((XOXOXOX))). 4_coffee stencil_coffee art_food ideas

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3 Responses to Cutest surprise idea for Valentine’s day (DIY coffee stencils) | Free templates

  1. Antonio says:

    You come up with some wonderful ideas. Happy Valentines Day.

  2. Karen says:

    Love this. So simple and loving. Thanks for sharing simple, creative & affordable ideas. Happy Valentine’s day!

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