Wednesday’s Wink … Kelly + Rick’s Master Bedroom

Hi hi hi!! It’s time again for sharing one of my design projects – this one is a master bedroom design project for my clients Kelly and Rick in Brooklyn. They had just purchased the brand new apt, and they didn’t want to keep their current bedroom furniture , which meant … all new cool stuff! We added a custom bed to hold sliding drawers (storage coolness!), and the rest of the items were beautiful stocked (economical) furniture / accessories. Ready for the tour? What do you think of the chandelier ceiling fan?

Here’s a closer look:

The sheer curtains ….. gives the room a romantic soft look (gorgeous!!!). Oh. do you recognize the photographer in the below photo?

Yep, it’s me with short hair!

Did you spot the shimmer in the blue wall?! … we used a metallic (pearl-like) glaze paint to give it this shiny soft look. The bedding has the same serene (blue) color, but with a textured look:

Below is a peek at the room before the transformation, and the other photo is of the custom platform bed frame (designed with sliding drawers for extra extra extra storage space for my wonderful clients) …. I went to the manufacturer to inspect the dims and construction quality, plus provide them with the (store stocked) black wrought iron swirl handle (stocked = economical = save mooolaah):

Below is one of our wonderful contractors, Virgil, working his magic in helping transform the room by painting (“creating) the beautiful pearl-like sheen to the wall. My furniture placement drawing (elevation cool mode) are helpful so my clients can clearly visualize the design:

Here is the furniture placement I designed ….


… do you like the extra seating (perfect for reading, right!), plus my client’s were expecting a baby so I factored it as extra seating for family and for mom and dad to hold their newborn … they ended up having a beautiful baby boy named Jake.

Here’s the other side of the room … where I designed the walk-in-closet to maximize space for both mommy and daddy to be:

Outside of the bedroom is my clients’ looong hallway, so of course we had to beautify it ‘economically’  … I was excited when they went for my design idea to add trouser hangers (yes, ‘hangers’) to the walls to hold large photos …. (hangers make it easy to change photos) .. especially perfect for when the baby arrived, and of course – creative!

I love how the wood grain/color of the hangers picked up the color tones of the wood floors. I also painted some large leaves (yep, that’s me on the step ladder doing some free style painting onto the walls). Whatcha think of it?

(photo credits: Ada’s Interior Design)


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8 Responses to Wednesday’s Wink … Kelly + Rick’s Master Bedroom

  1. homestilo says:

    It looks so serene (as a bedroom should right?) and the chair adds a great punch of color.

  2. Gorgeous room design Ada! Love, love, love the orange accents…so on trend for 2012. Beautiful work.

  3. Oh my gosh Ada you did such a great job. I love love love those hangers on the wall and that chair is such a great color. I couldn’t see the chandie well. I’ll have to look it up online since it’s such a fun idea for those who need a fan in their room.

    • Ada says:

      Hiiii Lisa! Nice to see u stop by here! Glad u LOVE the hangers … which gives color balance (with wood floors) and FUN way to add/replace photos.

  4. hi ada – i love the hangers. how-every did you think of that?! happy friday!

    • Ada says:

      Happy Friday Noreen!!! Glad u like the hanger/frame ideas. As for the hanger idea, hey I am not just a pretty face (hahaha) I am trained to be creative (haha). Have a beautifuuuul day!!!

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