Hello ‘deer’ Sammy, wink!

Look who became a member of our decorative family .. introducing cutie-pie wall mounted wood deer head. Let’s call her Sammy (bec I am weird like that). I had to do a bit of installation —- (1) assemble, (2) paint (she came unfinished/unpainted), (3) mount to wall.

I can’t find the company I purchased it from, but if you are as smitten as I am with adorable FAKE (of course) deer heads smiling at you while reminding you of nature AND ya wanna skip the assembly portion, then check out this deer head version at ZG for only $49.95.

Doesn’t she has an adorable smile?!!! I love how much she helps around our home too …. holding hats, scarves, necklaces, or simply bringing me a smile when I see her. So if you get one, don’t be afraid to feed her stuff (hat, keys, dog leash etc). Pssst, I am considering painting her antlers GOLD (well, no not the REAL gold; but the fake painted color version). What do you think. Should I paint Sammy?

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2 Responses to Hello ‘deer’ Sammy, wink!

  1. homestilo says:

    Oh I LOVE the idea of painting the antlers gold - I say go for it. And I really like that she is made of wood and not the ‘real’ deal.

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