Decorative fun with pumpkins!

For this Halloween month, why not go WILD??? Ok, ok not the ‘running around the block naked’ wild, but the HAVING FUN decorating ‘differently’ WILD!

Here are 2 ways to decorate your pumpkins this Halloween season:

FUN OPTION# 1: With chalkboard SPRAY! I love the ‘spray option’, much much quicker than the paint and brush option. Make sure you are in a ventilated area before you have fun spray painting:
Here’s the link where you can get the chalkboard spray:

FUN OPTION #2: cool carving! Be supercreative this season when carving your pumpkins. Maybe even have a contest within your home this season … as to who carves the most creative pumpkin. Here’s a carved BASKET. Pretty creative cool carvings huh?! Want a more ghostly flair to this design …. add white flowers instead of the dark red flowers.

Pre-requisite to the above is …. wanting to have FUN !!!!!! I hope you enjoyed this Decoration Inspiration! ~ Hugs, Ada . Interior Decorator for the Star in You!

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