(Decorating Tele-class) Learn how to Dress Your Home to Reflect Your Personality

GREAT NEWS …. I am teaming up with Lee Heyward of Charleston Style Concierge to bring you a FREE decorating tele-class on Tuesday July 14 at 2pm EST. Yes, “tele-class” … meaning that you can attend the fabulous class via telephone. So, mark your calendar … and sign up. The call will be recorded, so if you sign up and cannot attend the class, you will still receive a link to the recording so you can listen to all the yummy insight at your leisure - HOWEVER, if you do not sign up you won’t be able to attend/listen to the class - sign up at:


What will be revealed:

~ What 3 elements you MUST have to maintain a beautiful room

~ 4 no cost tips on how you can find your design style and colors that reflect YOU

~ 3 (tough love) steps for dressing your home to reflect your personality and style

~ 4 Ways to glamorously dress your walls

~ the #1 design secret to glamorously dress your windows is revealed

~ Pssst …. Ada’s favorite rug vendor is reeeeveaaaaled

Ready to find out how to DRESS your home to reflect your STYLE and PERSONALITY? Here’s the link again: www.getgreatstyle.com/dressyourhome.html When you sign up will you receive the tel# and VIP passcode to attend the class via telephone. If you have any questions, feel free to email my office at info@adasdesigninc.com

Have a FABULOUS day!! ~ Hugs, Ada

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