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I love love loooove whenever I see an unexpected usage for an item. So when I recently saw how easily a nursery crib could be turned into a “big girl/boy” bed I just had to share the design with you to inspire you to think outside of the box “especially” in these economic times.

For example, when buying a crib, you can buy one that will easily turn into a toddler bed - to save money (a 2 in 1 design), time (not having to do more shopping), and comfort. Ahhh, the comfort we receive feeling the balance between the outside (furniture that surrounds you) and inside (how the furniture & it’s placement makes u feel ). Check out this crib picture:

The crib converts into a bed when your special little one is ready:

Here’s the picture of the crib converted into a bed:
The above design is sold at The Pottery Barn! I love shopping there for my clients, especially extending them my designer discounts (it’s one of the perks I extend to my clients … if I get discounts, so do they!!).
So maybe YOU don’t need a crib any time soon, but perhaps you do have items within your home that can easily have more than one usage to elevate the cool “how creative” style within your home.
Here are a few examples that I call Design Magic Tricks. And the best part is the SAVINGS you receive from not having to invest in another items and using what you may already have such as:
Coffee cup - POOF - becomes pencil & penholders (I have a large shiny blue coffee cup that holds all my drawing pencils & brushes .. I love the splash of it’s bright color in my office)

Old t-shirt - POOF - becomes a new pillow cover for your sofa throw pillows (cut & sew to make your own custom pillow. If you do not like sewing, try simply cutting the top & bottom of the t-shirt & slipping it over your pillow to give the pillow a new color or design)

Fruit basket - POOF - becomes a magazine holder

Overflow of books around your home - POOF - stack the books and make a side table (not just a table, but also a height adjustable table!)

Look around your home today. Do you see items that you can wave your magic wand at? ~ Until next time! Warm Hug, Ada
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  1. George says:

    Interesting post… I can see that you put a lot of hard work on your blog. I'm sure I'd visit here more often.
    from Magic Tricks.

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