‘decorated’ train - how cool!

This interior decorator had a Starbucks (yummy tall caramel machiatto with whip cream … oh, I digress) coffee when I approched the train and noticed this:

that it was ‘wrapped’ in advertisement decor - INSIDE and OUT. How cool I think. I dove into my bag as I juggled my coffee looking for my camera to take a picture for you.

Here’s a picture of it inside (yes, even the seats were wrapped):

As I sat down and took a sip of my coffee, I looked up and there I spotted this: that even the roof was wrapped, here’s a pic:

If it wasn’t that I already had a drink in hand, I would had probably gone out and purchased the advertised drink. Once, the subway train was wrapped advertising a travel agent .. the inside walls and ceiling portrayed the water with fish all around you (very cool, but I didn’t have my camera then - sorry). I hope you enjoyed ‘seeing what I saw’. Have a great day ~ Ada.

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